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Leaders, and the teams they lead, become a profound blessing to God because they are intentional about their performance. They seek out and engage with others who can help them achieve their true potential. Every leader and each context is different, so “packaged solutions” rarely have real, sustainable impact. At the Tyndale Leadership Centre, our team of experienced organization development professionals are adept at:

  1. Listening carefully to each potential client in order to truly understand what they need.
  2. Engaging in a collaborative process with each client to develop a tailored strategy to meet that need.
  3. Ensuring that proposed approaches are grounded in both experience and rigor.
  4. Adaptating through engaging in regular review to ensure that needs and expectations are met.

Our experience goes beyond the church and is guided by current research and a very high level of expertise. Our services include:

Leadership Development

At the Tyndale Leadership Centre we take the time to carefully listen to potential clients and then co-created leadership development programs that meet their specific needs and expectations. Typically, the design of such programs are driven the following consideration:

  1. A Systems Approach. We believe that leadership is not so much about the individual leader as it as about changes in the whole system. Our programs are generally designed to give leaders the ability to see systems, understand them, and to develop strategies to shape the system in ways that allow it to be more adaptive and resilient.
  2. A Collaborative Approach. Whenever possible we look for the active involvement of the in-house people as well as senior management in the design of all elements of our approach. This ensures that there is a healthy balance between external and internal voices, so that the full system can benefit.
  3. Affective Learning Strategies. Our experience in working with a variety of hospitals, health authorities, and community service providers is that the combination of four elements leads to the most significant and sustained behavior change. These elements include:
  • Measurable results. The investment of time and resources in an initiative such as this must be carefully measured in terms of the impact on individual as well as team performance. We would typically use a comprehensive performance assessment of each participant based on a Pulse 360, a physician leadership-specific assessment tool as well as the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire, the most widely cited and used assessment of a leaders capacity for and commitment to the elements of transformational leadership.
  • A cohort-based learning environment in which participants meet on a regular basis with subject matter experts to expand their awareness and understanding of different aspects of leadership. Based on transformative learning theory, we feel it is our responsibility to inform participants, based on the most recent literature on leadership and change and to develop trust by ensuring that the materials are well researched and based on current scholarship and not the popular press. It is then the participants’ responsibility to choose to apply the information to their own situations and behaviors: A process that will be guided and supported through effective coaching and mentoring.
  • Self-reflection. Through journaling, dialogue prayer and other approaches, participants engage in various processes to help them think through their learning and make conscious choices about change.
  • Action learning projects. Participants work in self-organizing teams to apply their learning to specific organizational opportunities that can then be operationalized to improve patient satisfaction, quality, or other organizational priorities. Typically the executive takes an active role in identifying these projects and then sponsoring them.
  • Coaching. We have found that effective coaching is a critical implementation mechanism for the new learning because, in combination with the workshop content and the individual reflection, it helps each participant make effective choices.

See Sample Program for one approach that we took with a client.

Professional Coaching

Individualized coaching has proven to be the single most effective means of facilitating change. A trained, experienced coach can meet with you on a regular basis to help you identify specific outcomes, develop a plan to achieve those outcomes and help you identify and deal with any self-limiting beliefs or blind spots that may be getting in your way.

Organizational Assessment

In order to move forward, leaders need to be grounded in a clear understanding of their current situation. Traditional assessments tend to benchmark against the past: what have high performance organizations done to be successful and how might you compare to those benchmarks? This does not prepare you for an uncertain, often turbulent future. We offer new ways of thinking, including asking: Do we have the organizational culture to support systems thinking? We can help you develop new lenses for see your organization. We have expertise in a number of validated approaches that will help identify both strengths and weaknesses, and then we can help craft a plan to move you and your organization forward.

Strategic Planning 

We have significant experience guiding church Boards or organizational leaders through the process of strategic planning or as we often refer to it, strategic renewal. This typically includes:

  • Framing (or reframing mission, vision, and values
  • Articulating strategic directions and priorities
  • Defining key milestones, accountabilities and outcomes
  • Monitoring and follow up processes
Team Development

Caring for those who lead and serve is a vital part of the success of any human system and this often happens at the team level. Do the people on the team really know each other? Do they embrace divergent thinking? Do they have common purpose? Do they welcome risk and innovation? Do they learn well together? These are vital mindsets in teams working in rapidly changing times. We can provide a range of tools and approaches to optimize team effectiveness and coherence. 

Customized Courses

Often, we find that there are learning gaps in ministry teams. We can custom design and deliver a range of half-day, full-day or multi-day programs in areas such as leadership, change, collaboration – or any other area of need you may have.

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