Our Services & Approach

The Tyndale Leadership Centre offers services and solutions for Christian leaders, organizations, and churches. We are research based and offer a personalized experience in our solutions and delivery methods.

Our Services

Programs - Tailored programs for in-house leadership development;

Forums - Open space forums for discussion and deliberation;

Consulting - Consultation with professionally trained leadership consultants, coaches, and spiritual directors;

Our Approach

Culture of Inquiry and Research. As a leading Christian University & Seminary, Tyndale scholars are actively involved in theological, ecclesiological, and educational research and publishing. The Leadership Centre is equally committed to research, oriented towards issues and questions that face Christians leaders in the private, public, and not-for-profit sector.

Theological Sound Teaching. 
The Leadership Centre is committed to rigorous theological reflection to support all of our activities. We draw on Tyndale's expert faculty and comprehensive library resources to design all our programs, ensuring the necessary theological foundation.

Spiritual Formation
. We have integrated spiritual formation into each element of what we do. Working in partnership with the Tyndale Spiritual Formation Centre, we integrate faith development to develop all aspects of a leader.

Capacity to Design and Deliver On-Line Learning. 
Taking into consideration your needs, your organization's culture, and capabilities, we develop a personalized program that fits your needs. From workshop-based learning opportunities, on-line learning, or blended approaches, we can adapt to facilitate your learning experience.

Commitment to Partnership.
 Collaboration is central to everything we do at the Leadership Centre. Each person we work with is actively involved in customizing our approach to fit your needs. This promotes a healthy balance between external and internal voices, so that the product meets or goes beyond your expectations. Partnering with our faculty, church organizations, specific clients, and other ministries that are focused on Christian leadership, we are committed to providing the services and products for you.