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  • All kits, periodicals, and pamphlets.

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Some Online Resources may require authentication for access. First select your database — if the database requires authentication, you will then be prompted for your Tyndale login and password. This step is only required if you are not on a computer which is on the Tyndale network.
This section contains general information about services the library offers as well as library policies.

Borrower Services and Loan Policies

All members of the Tyndale University College & Seminary community with valid library cards may sign out materials from the J. William Horsey Library. Members of the public may use materials within the library or purchase a membership card for limited borrowing privileges.

How to Obtain a Library Card

  • Students must initially obtain a photo identification card from Campus Reception. The Tyndale library staff will then use your student number to activate borrowing privileges. Students must request a password the first time they login to their borrower’s accountAuditing Students do not automatically have library borrowing privileges unless they pay a library fee at time of registration.
  • Students who were enrolled in the immediately previous term but are not currently taking courses may pay $15 for a library membership to extend their borrowing privileges for four months.
  • Full-time Faculty must initially obtain a Tyndale photo identification card from Campus Reception. The Tyndale library staff will then activate borrowing privileges using this card. Adjunct Faculty and part-time Instructors will have the same library privileges as full-time Faculty and Cabinet members with the exception of the loan policies outlined below.
  • Board and Corporation members will be issued complimentary annual borrower’s cards upon request. Please bring documentation indicating institutional status to the Circulation Desk.

Loan Periods

  • The standard loan period for library materials is three weeks (21 days) with two renewals, assuming no holds or recalls apply.
  • Faculty may borrow materials for up to four months (120 days) with no renewals, assuming no holds or recalls apply.
  • Loan periods for Reserve Collection materials vary:
    • Two hour loan;
    • One day loan (due next day by closing time);
    • Two day loan (due the second day by closing time);
    • One week (due one week later by by closing time);
    • Unbound periodicals (due the next day by closing time);
    • Note: with few exceptions, the Reference Collection and bound periodicals are not available for loan.
  • Loan periods for special formats or collections vary according to patron status. For Students and External members, audio materials may be borrowed for three weeks, video materials may be loaned for one week, and loose paper periodicals may be loaned for one day—all with two renewals assuming no holds or recalls apply. For Faculty and Cabinet members, audio materials may be borrowed for three weeks, video materials and loose paper periodicals may be loaned for one week—all with two renewals assuming no holds or recalls apply.
  • Students may borrow a maximum of five items per subject and a total of twenty five items on loan at any one time; Faculty and Cabinet members may borrow a maximum of thirty-five items on loan at any one time; External members may borrow a maximum of five items per subject and a total of fifteen items on loan at any one time; Adjunct Faculty and part-time Instructors will be limited to borrowing a maximum of ten items per subject and no more than twenty-five items in total. Library materials will be due prior to the end of the employment contract with Tyndale.

Renewals and Fines

  • The library policy allows a maximum of two renewals per item if it is not requested by another person. After the two renewals, the item must be returned to the library.
  • When renewing online outside of the library, it is the responsibility of the patrons to ensure that their renewals are done properly. If you have printer access, it is highly advisable that you do a print screen of your record of renewal(s) for use as proof if discrepancies with our library records occur at a later date. Overdue fines will incur if renewals are not done properly.
  • Online Renewal Instructions
  • Library fines are imposed on users in order to encourage them to respect borrowing periods.
  • For most overdue items, a $0.50 fine will be levied per item, per day to the patron record. For overdue course reserve items, a $1.00 fine per hour, per item will be charged to the patron record.
  • Please note: borrowing privileges will be blocked when a patron’s fines reach $14.99.
  • Also note: Any outstanding fines at the end of the academic year will be forwarded to the Business Office at regular intervals. A $5.00 administrative fee will be added to any outstanding fee that is forwarded to the Business Office.
  • Users are responsible for the item that they borrow from the library. Should you lose or damage any item that is signed out under your name, you will be charged the cost of the item (average $60.00) plus a $15.00 administrative fee.
  • Lost items should be reported to the circulation desk immediately to prevent the accumulation of overdue fines.
  • All library fines must be paid for by the card-carrying holder at the library circulation desk.


All borrowed materials are subject to recall. Students and External members will have one week to return recalled library material prior to incurring fines. Faculty and Cabinet members will have possession of library materials for two weeks prior to recall. These latter members will be given one additional week to return recalled library materials prior to incurring fines.

Placing Holds and Requesting Interlibrary Loans

  • All valid Tyndale library users may place holds on materials that are charged out to other patrons with the exception of reserve materials. This can be done electronically through WorldCat. Reserve materials are loaned on a first-come-first served basis, and no request for reserve materials placed through WorldCat will be processed by the Library.
  • Interlibrary Loan is a service provided to patrons who need access to library materials beyond our local holdings. Normal student charge is $5 per book and $2 per article. External members are charged $10 per item. Additional fees may apply. Please fill out the online Interlibrary Loan Request form.


  • Patrons may use card-operated (8¢/page b/w; 35¢/page colour) photocopiers in the Library. Students may use their student cards and value can be added at the reception desk at both campuses or at the campus services office. Members and visitors may borrow a card from the Circulation Desk.
  • Please note that patrons are responsible for all copies. Care should be taken to conform to Copyright law. Tyndale has an agreement with Access Copyright which allow copyright within stated guidelines.
  • Copies from the Microfiche Reader-Printer can be made for 8¢/copy. Please request instruction from the library staff prior to using the machine for the first time.

Library Services for Distance Students

Who is eligible?
  • Students who are currently enrolled in a Tyndale online or distance course for credit and who reside in North America.
  • Students who reside 100 km, or more from Tyndale University College & Seminary.
  • If you would like to submit a request for library materials, you can fill out the Distance Education Request form.
Who is not eligible?
  • Students who are attending classes on the main campus are not eligible to use these library services even if the above criteria apply.
Services provided
Access to a Librarian
  • Research assistance is available from the Public Services Librarian Tel: (416)226-6620 ext. 2126 Email: reference [at] tyndale [dot] ca (subject: Message%20via%20Library%20Policies%20Webpage)
  • Delivery of books and other circulating materials from both the J. William Horsey Library collection and the Education Library Collection.
  • Library books will be mailed to the patron via Canada Post. Postage for books and return postage will be paid for by the Library for patrons in Canada. Patrons in the United States will pay their own return postage.
  • Maximum of 5 books per subject, and a total of 25 items may be signed out at any given time.
  • Loan period will be for 3 weeks
  • Materials may be renewed twice as long as they have not been requested by another borrower.
  • Course texts and materials on the reserve shelf are not available under this arrangement.
  • Journal or magazine articles from the Library’s print Collection may be requested.
  • Articles found online through the various online databases to which the Library subscribes to will not be supplied.
Inter-library Loan Requests
  • Request books and articles that are not a part of the Tyndale Libraries’ Collection by using the Inter-Library Loan Online Request Form.
  • Distance Education Students should expect to wait at least three weeks for Inter-Library Loans to arrive.
  • There will be a charge of $5.00 per book requested.
  • Article requests will be copied at a charge of 10 cents per page or articles from reference books within copyright guidelines.
  • There is a $2.00 charge for each article obtained through interlibrary loan service.
  • An invoice will be included with shipment of materials, payment is required to be paid with the return of materials.
Borrowing Regulations
  • Library materials may be borrowed for three weeks.
  • Loan period for some materials may be shorter.
  • The due date for all materials shipped is printed on a due date slip.
  • Materials may be renewed twice if there is no outstanding holds on the item.
  • Materials will not be sent to any student with outstanding charges on their library account.
  • Overdue notices are sent to your email account. The status of loans are reflected in each patron’s borrower's account in WorldCat, and should be checked regularly.

Library Services for Alumni & Visitors

How to obtain a library card:
Alumni may go to the Tyndale reception desk on Level 300 to obtain a Tyndale Photo ID alumni card. This will become their library card once the membership fee is paid at the library. Other external members must purchase a library membership card from Tyndale library staff in order to activate borrowing privileges. The membership card is issued for either four months at $40 or one year at $100; or a reduced fee of $50 for alumni/ae. The replacement charge for lost/damaged/stolen cards is $3.00. Note: a valid photo I.D. that includes a current address is required when purchasing or renewing a membership card. Membership does not include remote access to online journal databases or ebooks due to licensing restrictions. Online resources may be accessed on campus only.

All borrowed materials are subject to recall. Students and External members will have one week to return recalled library material prior to incurring fines.

Requesting Materials through Interlibrary Loan (ILL)
The library also offers an Interlibrary Loan service to patrons who need to access library materials beyond the Tyndale library collections. A minimum charge of $10.00 will apply to external members for materials requested through ILL. Please place request by completing the form on the Interlibrary Loans page.

All borrowed materials are subject to recall.

Online Access
Tyndale alumni should be reminded that while their "MyTyndale" usernames and passwords gain them access to MyTyndale web-mail and web-files, their accounts will not grant them access to the Tyndale Library online resources. At this time, our license agreements only permit the use of electronic resources on the part of Tyndale students, teacher candidates, faculty, and staff members.

This is a special edition of the ATLA Religion Database for Tyndale alumni only. It includes access to many full text articles. The ATLAS for ALUM database is paid for by the Tyndale library. Tyndale alumni may email the Tyndale Alumni office alumni [at] tyndale [dot] ca to receive their password.

Library Services for Persons with Disabilities

Accessibility of Library Space

The J. William Horsey Library is accessible to persons with physical disabilities. Enter through the main front doors of the campus and turn left after passing the reception area, then take the elevator down to the 200 level. Exit right and follow the signs to the library. The power-assisted door can be opened using the push-plate on the wall to the left of the front doors. The library is all on one level and many of the aisles between the stacks can comfortably accommodate a wheelchair. Portions of our collection are located in Closed Stacks and can be retrieved by library staff using the Tyndale Horsey Express service. Wheelchair accessible washrooms are located near the library entrance.

The Education Library is also accessible to persons with physical disabilities. Enter from the south entrance of the campus and proceed to the elevator on the right. Go to the 200 level and turn right and then left down the corridor, following the signs straight ahead. This library is all on one level with a ramp leading into the stacks area. Library staff are available to open non-accessible doors and retrieve books for patrons with physical disabilities. Wheelchair accessible washrooms are located just across from the elevator.

Required Readings and Textbooks

To receive a required reading for your course in an accessible e-format, please contact Misa Mochinaga at the Tyndale Bookstore. Students must first purchase a print copy of the book to be eligible for a copy in an alternate format. If the bookstore is unable to obtain an accessible e-format from the publisher, students should bring their personal copy of the book to the library to have it scanned and converted into an accessible e-format. Please allow up to 5 business days to have a book scanned. Electronic files will be delivered to students through Dropbox.

Library staff are also able to scan material owned by the library. Contact reference [at] tyndale [dot] ca with any research and scanning requests.
Alternate formats are provided on condition that students agree to not share files and to delete the files at the end of the semester.


The following ebook resources include text-to-speech functionality.


All students with a disability who require special accommodation must register with the Accessibility Services office. Assistance in the library is available for people who are not able to use public access terminals to locate library materials. Please identify your need and request assistance from library staff at the circulation desk.

Assistance will also be provided to persons who are not physically able to use the photocopy facilities. Library staff will photocopy or scan needed materials within the provisions of the Canadian Copyright Act and licensing terms by the end of the next business day. Regular fees for copies apply.

Library patrons who need accommodations may wish to contact the library before a visit.

About The Library

Learn more about the Tyndale Library and its collections.

Interlibrary Loans

The Tyndale library provides its users with access to items held at other library institutions across North America.

The library will try to borrow or request photocopies of articles that are not held at the Tyndale libraries. If there are charges we will contact you.

Submit Loan Request


This section contains library hours as well as general contact information.

J. William Horsey Library

3377 Bayview Avenue
Toronto, ON
M2M 3S4 [map]
Circulation Desk: (416) 226-6620 ext. 2131


Regular Hours

  • Mon - Thu 7:45am - 10:30pm
  • Friday 7:45am - 7pm
  • Saturday 10am - 5pm
  • Closed Sundays & holidays

Holiday Hours Dec. 18, 2017 - Jan. 1, 2018

Mon-Wed. Dec. 18-20,  8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Thurs. Dec. 21, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
CLOSED Dec. 22 - Jan. 1

Education Library

3377 Bayview Avenue
Toronto, ON
M2M 3S4 [map]
Circulation Desk: (416) 226-6620 ext. 2241


Regular Hours

  • Mon - Thu: 7:45am - 8:00pm
  • Friday: 7:45am - 5:00pm
  • Saturday, Sunday & holidays: CLOSED

Holiday Hours Dec. 18, 2017 - Jan. 1, 2018

Mon-Wed. Dec. 18-20,  8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Thurs. Dec. 21, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
CLOSED Dec. 22 - Jan. 1

Have a Question?

Ask a Tyndale Librarian




Contact Information


 Hugh Rendle - Director of Library Services
 (416) 226-6620 ext. 6716
 hrendle [at] tyndale [dot] ca
Contact Regarding: Overall administration and planning; collection development; Tyndale Archives; library instruction sessions; employment opportunities at the J. William Horsey Library; reference and/or research questions.

 Isabella Guthrie-McNaughton - Public Services Librarian
 (416) 226-6620 ext. 2126
 iguthrie-mcnaughton [at] tyndale [dot] ca
Contact Regarding: Research assistance, library instruction, tours, interlibrary loans, student library jobs.

 Maria Ho - Technical Services Librarian
 (416) 226-6620 ext. 6704
 mho2 [at] tyndale [dot] ca
Contact regarding: Library computer systems and OnTRAC—the library catalogue. Chinese language acquisitions.

Library Staff

Norma Stuckless
Circulation Technician
(416) 226-6620 ext. 2131
nstuckless [at] tyndale [dot] ca

Leah Vetro
Education Library Technician
(416) 226-6620 ext. 2241
lvetro [at] tyndale [dot] ca

Monica Duce
Interlibrary Loan Technician
Contact regarding: Interlibrary Loans
(416) 226-6620 ext. 2785
mduce [at] tyndale [dot] ca

Becky Wismer
Acquisitions Technician
(416) 226-6620 ext. 2128
bwismer [at] tyndale [dot] ca

Iris Lam
Serials Technician
(416) 226-6620 ext. 2117
ilam [at] tyndale [dot] ca

Janice Lam
Technical Services Technician
(416) 226-6620 ext. 2129
jlam [at] tyndale [dot] ca

Victoria Zhang
Chinese Language Technical Services Librarian
(416) 226-6620 ext. 2238
vzhang [at] tyndale [dot] ca


This section contains several resources to help you use our library. Need more help? Search for an answer on LibAnswers.


This is a great place to start your research in a specific subject area, linking you to relevant print and digital library resources including databases, articles and books.

View Research Guides


Need Help Writing Papers?

The Tyndale Writing Centre provides free writing assistance to students. They are located across from the Registration department.

Writing Centre Website

Tyndale Seminary Research & Writing Manual

This guide is to help Tyndale Graduate students in the following topics: doing research, writing a research paper, major types of essay assignments, and essay formatting.

Research & Writing Manual (PDF)


Ask a Librarian

  • In person
    Visit one of the Tyndale Library staff members at the public services desk at one of the Tyndale Libraries. Hours of operation
  • Via telephone
    Contact the librarians’ desks at one of the Tyndale Libraries at 416-226-6620 (ext. 2126 – Main Library or ext. 2227 – Education Library).
  • Via mobile text
    Send the Tyndale Library a text message at 647-694-1637.
  • Via email
    Send us an email at ask [at] tyndale [dot] libanswers [dot] com.

Citing Your Sources

The mandate of the Education Library is to support the research and curricular needs of the Faculty of Education at Tyndale.

The Education Library contains collections of resources to support the study and practice of Education. The Education Library collection includes: reference material, general stacks, children’s literature, curriculum resource materials, multimedia, printed and electronic journals.

Visit Education Library Website »