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A Community Across Time
In 1968, the London College of Bible and Missions (LCBM) merged with the Toronto Bible College (TBC) on Spadina Road to form the Ontario Bible College (OBC).


Toronto Bible College: 1894 - 1968
The graduation of the class of 1952 of the Toronto Bible College (TBC) was held at the University of Toronto’s Varsity Stadium. 


London Bible Institution & London College of Bible & Missions: 1935 - 1968
Tyndale’s "ethos" has always been strongly set on “being in the world.” When Tyndale was granted the official University College designation in 2003, Dr. Morris saw...


Ontario Bible College: 1968 - 1998
Seventeen graduates from four generations attending four institutional eras of Tyndale – London College of Bible and Mission (LCBM), Toronto Bible College (TBC),...


Ontario Theological Seminary: 1976 - 1998

Audley Goulbourne [BTh 1980, MTS 1996] fears he attended OBC under false pretenses. At 19 years of age, Audley heard about Ontario Bible College (OBC) in...


Reviewing sixteen years of life at Tyndale can be aided by key markers, points of activity in which one sees the Spirit at work.


Tyndale: 1998 - Present

This spring, the largest student body in the history of Tyndale University College will graduate. Tyndale’s undergraduate university will witness students graduating with Bachelor of Arts degrees in Business, English,...