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When Dr. Natasha Duquette received an email asking if she would be interested in a leadership role at Tyndale University College, she knew that it was God’s plan. The email, asking if she would like to return to her “old stomping grounds” in Toronto...


Steps from the Toronto Stock Exchange is First Canadian Place, Canada’s tallest skyscraper. High up on the 57th floor sits Declan Winston Ramsaran, Owner and Managing Director of PANGEA Private Family Offices.


Rev. Dr. David Overholt, Adjunct Professor of Youth and Family Ministries at Tyndale Seminary, was a key voice in a roundtable discussion with the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC) that looked at why youth are leaving the church and how we can bring them back.


Dr. Marion Goertz [MDiv Counselling 1999] is a well-known marriage and family therapist in Canada with over 15 years of experience. She is frequently quoted in popular magazines ...


There is a heart -wrenching story about a Grade 1 public school student who was globally delayed. Sadly, this child would never develop cognitively beyond that of an eight to 14-month-old. The child was not able to communicate verbally, had limited mobility and had a seizure condition.


Dr. Donna Dong [DMin Leadership 2012] has worked for Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship for over 40 years, presently serving as the Director of Multiethnic/Multicultural Ministries. Donna’s job was created to meet a need that she saw in the Inter-Varsity community.