Publication Information – Spring/Summer 2013

The Communication Team

Editors: Lina van der Wel (MTS 2014) [1], Christina Philips [4]

Copy Editors: Christina Philips, Mark Clayton (MTS 2004)

Print Designer: Jennifer Au

Web Designer: Andrew Smith (Certificate 1997) [3]

eBook Designer: Robert Santos (BRE 2015) [5]

Videographer: Drew Carlson [6]

Writers: Christina Philips, Sarah Patterson (DMin 2014), Nyree Michaels (Certificate 2013), Conor Sweetman (BA 2016)

Photos: All photos used are either taken by Gable Mak or are Tyndale promotional photography unless otherwise specified.

Editorial Advisory Board: Janet Clark, Randy Henderson, Doug Loney, Gary Nelson, Barry Smith and Lina van der Wel

Print & Mail Liaison: Tracey Mori [2]

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Tyndale Magazine is published twice yearly by the Marketing & Communications Department of Tyndale University College & Seminary.
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Volume 3 Issue 1

Tyndale is a Christian university college and seminary that prepares leaders for work in the private, public, and not-for-profit sector, ministry and the global mission of the Church. Tyndale offers fully accredited programs in a wide range of disciplines at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Undergraduate students may study towards a BEd, BA, and BRE degree or a certificate in Christian Studies. Graduate-level education includes a doctor of ministry degree; master's degrees in divinity, theological studies or theology; and a graduate diploma in Christian Studies, Missions or Spiritual Formation. Currently, there are over 1,600 students representing over 40 denominations and 60 ethnic backgrounds and 9,500 alumni. Founded in 1894, Tyndale is strategically positioned in Toronto.

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