New Books

New Books

Dr. Peter Ying Yuk Au
with Quan Cheng, Jiang Youliang, and Dong Yuanjin
Chinese Literature and Christianity
Jiuzhou Press, March 2011

Dr. James Beverley
Islam: An Introduction to Religion, Culture, and History
Thomas Nelson, April 2011

Dr. Brad Faught
The New A-Z of Empire: A Concise Handbook of British Imperial History
I.B. Tauris, April 2011

Dr. Barbara Leung Lai
Through the ‘I’-Window: The Inner Life of Characters in the Hebrew Bible
Sheffield Phoenix Press, April 2011

Dr. Dennis Ngien
Giving Wings to the Soul
Wipf & Stock, December 2010

Dr. Elmer Thiessen
The Ethics of Evangelism
Intervarsity Press, March 2011