Dean of Weddings

Dean of Weddings

At least 24 U.C. weddings over 2011
This summer:
» 7 Invites
» 4 Attended
» 1 Tie worn

Summer is wedding season and if you attend or work at Tyndale, chances are you know someone who was married this summer. For Dean of Students for the university college, George Sweetman, the summer is full of preparations for the fall semester, planning frosh week, and, of course, attending weddings. His position allows him to connect with students and develop relationships that often last past graduation. Many students have invited him to attend, and speak at, their weddings. Here are some of the things he had to say about Tyndale students and weddings:

“One of the great joys I have as Dean of Students is seeing those men and women who have made a commitment to each other. I am honoured to participate in these weddings.”

“You can say all the nice things at your ceremony that you want, but to be counter cultural and to be a witness, one of the key things you can do is to remain married.”

“Some of these people are around 20 to 21 years old, yet they are taking their vows and their faith so seriously. It is such a privilege to walk with them on this part of their journey.”

“It’s just such an honour when someone asks me to speak at their wedding. I pray about it but I have never said no. To be that close and see the joy on the faces of people who I’ve spent some part of their life with is a blessing.”

“The weddings in Newfoundland are a little hard to get to.”