In Their Own Words: Student Missions Teams

In Their Own Words: Student Missions Teams

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Team India 2011
Adrianna Marling, Victoria James, Hilary Harden, Melody Thompson

“Today we went to Howrah train station … there are homeless children who live there. In order to survive they sniff glue, which takes away the hunger pains. A bowl of dhal and rice (a common cheap meal) costs 12 rupees, but a jar of glue costs 1.5 rupees…”

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Dominican Republic
Team Dominican Republic 2011
Kody Harnum, Shantol Nelson, Josh Mourtzanos, Britney Bryan, Alex Staines, Emily Puccini

“We truly were light in a dark place. People began to ask what we were doing exactly, standing in a circle in the middle of the road. We knew God was working, when the people’s response was, ‘Yes, we need prayer’…”

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Team Kenya 2011
Ben Smart, Andrew Friesen, Mark Fisk

“When I pictured a refugee camp in my head I always pictured neat rows of white tents. The reality is that the settlements are much more permanent; corrugated iron shacks, clay bricks and houses made of sticks are much more common than tents…”

To read more, visit the Kenya team’s blog:

Team Japan 2011
Nick Dookheran, Jessica Tomlinson, Sarah Rhodes, Rebecca Eastall, Aimee Bowins, Jared Mortley, Max Aka, Keith Brink, Colin Owen

The mission trip to Japan was cancelled due to the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear crisis. However, some members of the Japan team did spend time fundraising in Canada for earthquake and tsunami relief.
“Not many people in Canada know about the state of the Church in Japan … Japan is only one percent Christian. It was great to bring awareness to people in Canada of what’s going on there…”

To find out more about what the Japan team did to help Japan go to: and

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