Josh Okello Dresses Africa

Josh Okello Dresses Africa

Imagine being orphaned at fourteen years old. You have 13 siblings and you have to drop out of school to help support your family. This is not a reality many people in Canada have to face, but for one Tyndale University College student this reality is part of his story.

Josh Okello was born in Kenya, the second youngest of 14 children. His father, a teacher, died in 1997 when Josh was only ten and in 2001, his mother also passed away. Josh was forced to drop out of school to earn money to feed his family. However, he was able to rejoin school and graduate from high school in 2005. After graduation he had the idea to start a ministry called Dress Africa. Josh’s idea came in the form of a question: “If I can take care of my family, is this something I can extend to somebody else who also needs help?” His mission was to provide food and clothing to some of the poorest people in Kenya. Josh also gave out Bible verses to those who knew how to read.

At one point, a family friend found out about his ministry and suggested that he go to Tyndale. “If you can take a business program that would be good for you,” she said, “because you’ll know how to run your organization professionally.”

Going from Nairobi, Kenya to Toronto, Canada seemed difficult to Josh but he applied to Tyndale, was accepted, got his papers, and spent two years earning money to pay for his airfare to Canada. His brother agreed to support him while he was in Canada but lost his job in Josh’s first semester. Josh had no way to pay his debts and no way to legally work in Canada. He thought that he would have to return to Kenya.

That was when he met Keith Brink, another Tyndale business student. Keith and Josh brainstormed ways that Josh could remain a student at Tyndale, and through months of planning, meetings, fundraisers, and generous donations, they raised almost twenty-thousand dollars to pay off all of Josh’s debt. In September, Josh began his third year not knowing how he will pay for tuition but trusting God to provide. >

To help other students like Josh, please give to the Tyndale Bursary Fund.
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