Tyndale Seminary Summer Students - Addison Aspilla

Tyndale Seminary Summer Students - Addison Aspilla

Addison Aspilla, Graduate Diploma in Leadership and an MTS ’11

Addison AspillaGraduated from University of Guelph Humber with a diploma in social service work and a BASc in family and community social services.

What courses did you take this summer?
Children’s Ministry and Leadership Lessons in the Wilderness.

Why did you take summer courses at Tyndale?
On top of my Master's I am doing a graduate program in leadership so I needed to take some courses in the summer. I also thought children’s ministry would give me a wider understanding of church ministry as a whole.

What did you like about summer classes?
I enjoyed the students and the style of teaching. You get to experience new faculty; a lot of the summer professors are adjunct or guests that fly in. The setting was awesome for the Leadership Lessons in the Wilderness course. We were away from Internet and technology out in the water and the sun. When you are out there you stretch your comfort levels and realize how little we actually need.

What do you want to do after you graduate?
I’ve already started a company called Aspilla Consulting Group Inc. I work with individuals, companies, families, churches and organizations in the fields of worship, the arts and leadership. I hope to eventually complete my DMin.

What are you looking forward to after the summer?
I’m getting married! I’m getting married to Jenn Bodnar; we met in Tyndale Seminary. She graduated in 2010 with an MDiv, Spiritual Formation; she was valedictorian for her class. >