Alex Staines (BA Religious Studies'12)

Alex Staines (BA Religious Studies'12)

Twice a month, University College students go to Willowtree to volunteer at Toronto City Mission’s drop-in. On Wednesdays, University College students can be found partnering with the Sanctuary doing “street-runs” downtown. For Alex Staines, Local Outreach Coordinator for the University College Student Council, this is just the beginning. Her desire is to see Tyndale bless the community around them; she explains, “We’re a huge Christian community. What are we doing outside of this building?”

Alex, a third-year Religious Studies student, believes that the University College student body has the energy and opportunity to serve both locally and globally. In the summer of 2011, she joined the Tyndale Dominican Republic missions team for three weeks of service, working with youth and children, and the homeless. Upon returning to Canada, she found that God had used that time to grow her desire to interact with and serve the community.

Each month of the school year, Alex organizes a local outreach project for the University College students. These projects are intended to expose students to the needs in their neighbourhood and provide them with tangible ways of serving others. In September, the students went downtown to help with a community clean up. In October, they wrote and delivered letters to neighbours on Ballyconnor Court, and in November, they handed out coffee and gift-cards to people living on the streets. “A lot of people’s eyes were opened. They’re seeing there is a need and brokenness. We can’t just be here…we need to be serving,” she reflects.

Alex adds that when the students unite as a body and serve, they meet new friends and grow closer to one another.

This year, Alex hopes to provide opportunities for students to serve with Yonge Street Mission, Habitat for Humanity, and a local food bank. Her desire is that University College students would have a growing passion for being involved in the lives of others and would be inspired to find creative ways to serve.

During her three years at Tyndale, Alex has lived on campus and admits it was difficult to get connected outside of the Tyndale campus. Now, she is increasingly passionate about wanting to intentionally interact with and serve the homeless and forgotten. In the future, Alex hopes to do ministry with youth and children