Campus Update

Campus Update

Plans are well underway for Tyndale’s 2013-14 move to the Bayview campus. Members of the Tyndale community are eager to see the new campus express the culture of Tyndale as a place of learning and community. Tyndale’s architects, CS&P Architects, conducted several visioning sessions last fall with groups of university college students, seminary students, faculty, alumni, and staff to better understand the aspirations and dreams for Tyndale’s future so as to reflect these in its design deliberations.

One recurring distinctive of Tyndale that was clearly communicated by students and others was the strong sense of community on campus. There is a desire for gathering places that foster intimacy, such as learning commons, lounges and communal worship areas. One student described the vibrant atmosphere on campus as, “Informal…So much happens by bumping into one another in the hallways… Learning does not only occur in the classroom.”

There is also a strong desire to “bring the outside in” to allow students, faculty and staff to enjoy the natural beauty of the new campus. Commenting on the beautiful courtyard of the Ballyconnor campus, there was widespread eagerness about the possibilities of incorporating the many more courtyards and acres of green space on the Bayview campus.

In renovating the Bayview campus, the current architecture and history of the campus will be carefully preserved and integrated with the character and heritage of Tyndale. Many participants in the visioning sessions suggested alterations that would facilitate Tyndale becoming a more open, welcoming member of the neighbourhood.

Tyndale’s diverse community brings a multitude of interests, needs and desires to the discussion about the new campus. Excitement is stirring as these conversations take shape in the plans for the Bayview campus.

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