Seminary Student Spot - Greg Drummond

Seminary Student Spot - Greg Drummond

Greg Drummond (MDiv 2014)

“We do stuff together,” says Greg Drummond when speaking about his relationship with his family. If you wander through Tyndale’s halls, you can see Greg, his wife Beth, and two young sons, Cordell and Declan, eating together, attending events and spending time.

The young family moved to Toronto from Winnipeg in 2011 so Greg could begin full-time graduate studies in Tyndale’s MDiv program. Greg, who has worked as a pastor in both the US and Canada, saw how different congregation members made their families a priority. “Families that have done stuff [together] have really benefitted. [It] becomes less about the activity and more about who the family is.”

The consistency of class schedules ensures that Greg can find the time to spend quality time with his family at home, yet deadlines have a way of making their own demands. “I have to commit myself to plan to take a block of time to read, time to research, or to write a paper. Because of my personality I can’t write a paper in blocks of time… sometimes that will take me away from my family for a day or so. That is a challenge because I work downstairs in the basement and I can hear my son wondering if I am coming up…when I do come up I realise that I am putting my school work aside and I am devoting my time to them."

Greg and his wife Beth have decided to be intentional about their relationships. “I will come to seminary events with my wife and kids…we want them to feel comfortable. This is a community, not just where daddy goes to school. We expose them to life, we don’t shield them from the world I am involved in.” As a couple, they are interested in the people in the Tyndale community and the local church they have become involved with. A sentiment Greg clearly expresses, “[I am] seeing this as something I am pouring my life into now, not just something I am working through.”