Ruth Whitt Honoured With New Fund

Ruth WhittIn June, 2012 The Ruth Whitt Professional Development and Refreshment Fund was announced. It honours Ruth Whitt’s retirement from nearly 17 years of faithful service to Tyndale as Executive Assistant to the President. “She worked day and night and I don’t think people realize how much time she put into this place,” says President Dr. Gary Nelson. “I want to thank her for all that she did.” This new fund emulates the support, encouragement, and inspiration that Ruth provided to many people at Tyndale. Staff will be given opportunities for rest, refreshment, and to increase knowledge in their fields of expertise because of this new fund.

The Admissions Team
Tyndale Admissions Team

Left to Right: Nathan Bonney, Nicole Stockley, Nathan Martin, Stephen Haineault, Ryan Klassen, Tim Kantel, Jillian Kenny, Andrew Nie, Phil Kay, Tricia McKenley, Leighton Watson, Natalie Wong, Rhonda Koropatwa

Tyndale’s admissions team works to build relationships with potential students considering attending Tyndale University College & Seminary. They visit high schools, churches, conferences and youth events doing presentations and meeting with various people.

“The strength of the team is that we provide counselling,” says Phil Kay, Admissions Director. Each admissions counsellor works with potential students individually to truly find the best option for them. Knowing that one of Tyndale’s strengths is its community, the counsellors work to connect potential students with others in the Tyndale community, including professors.

The admissions process often takes multiple meetings to connect with potential students and to determine what they are looking for. Using the phone, Facebook, Twitter and other technologies the team works to connect with people by whatever means they feel comfortable. The result is more and more students coming to Tyndale.

The strength of this team is also in its camaraderie. Even though they are spread out in different parts of the country, they take the time to connect through video calling, conference calling, and texting. As Phil says, “We really get along well, so it doesn’t always take a lot of work” to stay connected.

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