Tyndale's New Chancellor

Tyndale's New Chancellor

On April 10, 2012, Dr. Stephanie Ling was installed as Tyndale University College & Seminary’s seventh chancellor. Dr. Ling currently serves as principal of an elementary school with two campuses in Toronto and is an active volunteer, particularly in the education community. As Chair of the Board of Governors for Knox College at the University of Toronto, a member of Senate at York University and serving on the Board of Toronto Schools of Theology, Dr. Ling has a considerable network of relationships within the Toronto education system.

Having been trained as a school teacher, Dr. Ling brings her passion for education to the position of chancellor. Having a “love for life-long learning,” she seeks to raise Tydale’s profile as an access point for people to continue learning and growing. This love for learning is a passion that Dr. Ling hopes to pass onto others.

Dr. Ling’s passion for education has served her in finding connections with other people and building relationships. “Surprisingly, in the field of education, I have found it very easy to build relationships because the universality of education is a natural bridge to talking to people and just developing common links as well,” said Dr. Ling. However, this topic of education has also opened dialogues in many communities. “I have found that my educational background and what I do has opened a lot of doors for me to have conversations practically everywhere I go about education.”

As someone who is highly involved in Toronto’s world of higher education, Dr. Ling sees how she can be another bridge between Tyndale and others. “As chancellor, I feel that it becomes an opportunity for me to bring a greater awareness to the public about Tyndale.” She also sees how Tyndale University College & Seminary “has so much to offer” Toronto and the global community. She believes that people should see “the skill set that Tyndale has in providing life skills to its students and its community, to be a transforming agent in the community.”

These strengths that Dr. Ling sees in Tyndale are clear, and just further ignite her passion for being chancellor. “Tyndale’s vision is to help its students and community to be authentic Christians in an ever-changing world. Its strength is in its relationship building, both internally and externally. Its strength is in its capacity for inspiring others to do something for Kingdom work. Relationship building is what gives character, integrity and value for Tyndale today…It has an opportunity to do great things in the world because it has such a passion for reaching out to people, not just through relationship building but really helping them to continue on in their life skills far after they have graduated from Tyndale. That is what really excites me. It is the follow-up and the care, the compassion that Tyndale has for people around them.”


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