Campus Move

Campus Move

Transition to the Bayview Campus is Here

We have begun our eighteen-month journey to the Bayview campus. The transition to the Bayview campus is here!  This is a time of great excitement and overwhelming appreciation of the knowledge that it is only by the grace and power of God that all the pieces will fall into place.

The generosity of our donors enabled Tyndale to acquire the Bayview property with the belief that God was leading us to prepare more students to be ‘salt and light’ wherever they live and work.  Tyndale’s impact will live on and multiply as our graduates obey God’s call in communities near and around the world.    We will begin to see opportunities of preparing students in ways we never were able to dream of before. The Bayview campus provides a beautiful, highly visible, and highly accessible testament to God’s grace from which our communities will be impacted.  Already the number of opportunities and partnerships that have been brought our way to use the property for important educational and ministry activities is amazing.

These magnificent facilities are more than 50 years old and were built for a different purpose in a different time, thus renovations will be needed to adapt them for modern post-secondary use.  The initial renovations will begin this spring, focusing first on the construction of a new library, food services areas, classroom renovations, student spaces, faculty and staff offices, dorm rooms and upgraded power capacity.  Imagine how excited our students will be when this work is completed and we move in the summer of 2014!
We are truly excited about what we anticipate God has in store for Tyndale on the Bayview campus.  For almost 120 years we have witnessed our graduates transforming communities as they follow God’s call. We know that God has led us to this point and that He will lead us through the transition to prepare even more students to impact our world for Him. In line with the principles set out by Tyndale’s founders, we are committed to being as financially responsible as possible in our renovations.  We need your help to accomplish this.  Please partner with us in equipping students to engage our culture with our loving God by making a donation.  Details of how this can be done are below.  Thank you.

Please prayerfully consider supporting Tyndale financially on a regular basis. Your gifts will enable us to continue more than a century of Kingdom work as we move into an exciting new era of engagement on the Bayview campus. For more information or contact Kevin Kirk at kkirk [at] tyndale [dot] ca or 416.218.6776
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