News @ Tyndale

News @ Tyndale

Here are a few highlights of news and events that have happened at Tyndale in the recent past. To read the full articles and to keep up-to-date with Tyndale, please visit

Master of Theological Studies – Indigenous Studies
now at Tyndale

On Thursday November 15, 2012, Tyndale University College & Seminary and the North American Institute for Indigenous Theological Studies (NAIITS) signed a Memorandum of Agreement to offer a Master of Theological Studies-Indigenous Studies. This development was created in order to provide a culturally and pedagogically relevant opportunity for the program's participants who are likely to live and work in remote locations, contributing to the Indigenous world in their own ministry context. The eighteen required courses are offered in a variety of formats: intensive summer classes, online hybrid formation and wrap-around courses relating to an annual symposium. NAIITS co-founder and chair, Dr. Terry LeBlanc said about the development, “The NAIITS and Tyndale program is quite unique-it has been designed by the faculty of NAIITS-indigenous people using indigenous methodologies within a contemporary context. Eleven of the thirteen professors are Native North American men and women and nine of those have earned doctorates. Tyndale and NAIITS have designed the program to be delivered in a very flexible format so it can accommodate some of the unique situations and needs of Native North American and other indigenous people. ”
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Introducing Christian Ministry Minors

Beginning in September 2013, Tyndale is excited to introduce five new Christian Ministry minors within the Bachelor of Arts programs. These include youth ministry, children’s ministry, pastoral ministry, music & worship ministry or intercultural ministry, to accompany any chosen major.  These new minors will provide a deeper study of the theory and practice of these five areas of ministry so that the student can gain expertise in specific ministerial areas of interest. “All of Christian life is ministry in some sense or the other. This gives the student in [for example] the Business program, the opportunity to focus in on one of five areas where they see themselves volunteering in the local church,” says Dr. Bradley Noel, Tyndale’s Director of Pentecostal Studies and Assistant Professor of Christian Ministries. This development is a step forward in the already high academic standards of Tyndale.
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Oxford Studies

Tyndale is proud to announce the introduction of a new study abroad program offered by arrangement with Crandall University. Allowing qualified students to engage and become involved with the academics and lifestyle of England, the Oxford studies program will expose the student to a variety of the most prestigious museums, theatres, concert halls, galleries and cathedrals in the world. The semester will be spent attending lectures and seminars in Charlbury and Oxford, taught by current or retired Oxford professors, doctoral students and other experts in their fields. By registering with Crandall University and becoming associate students of Regent's Park College, Oxford University, students will gain a valuable educational and personal experience through this program.

German Students
Coming To Tyndale

Tyndale University College & Seminary signed an exchange agreement with Internationale Hochschule Liebenzell, a Christian university in Germany in November 2012. This will allow undergraduate students from Liebenzell to join the Tyndale community and experience the ethnically and culturally diverse city of Toronto. As Tyndale has committed to provide housing for these students, it is expected that there will be a number of Liebenzell students studying at Tyndale as early as 2013.
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Tyndale’s New E-Recycling Program

A new eco-friendly, e-recycling program is being introduced that will allow for the proper disposal of potentially harmful electronics at Tyndale. Shift Recycling is certified by the government to dispose of e-waste in an environmentally friendly way. By supplying bins that will be accessible for all students, staff and faculty on both campuses, Shift Recycling will properly recycle electronic products such as cellphones, laptops and batteries that contain toxic substances that pollute the environment. If Tyndale is able to collect over five hundred pounds of recyclable electronics, the company will start paying the school for parts.
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