Seminary Student Spot - Arleen Gomez

Seminary Student Spot - Arleen Gomez

A Year of Living Differently

Arleen Gomez [MDiv 2015] has always loved serving people and being in atmospheres where she can take an active involvement in contributing value. “I think I’ve always been passionate about serving the community,” she said. Last year when she first came from Kitchener to study at Tyndale, she was faced with the dilemma of putting her passions on hold in order to fully surrender in obedience to God.

“I am the type of person who has to be involved...I hate apathy.” Before coming to Tyndale, Arleen was heavily involved in ministry at her church, as well as teaching students English and running local outreach programs in her undergraduate years. Arleen began to feel the effects of burn out. She felt God tell her that coming to Tyndale would mean focusing on studying for a while without working or volunteering.

When she felt God say take a step back she felt torn and didn’t know how to deal with not doing anything. “Within a few weeks I had two jobs. I felt the tension of wanting to get back involved in things but I kept hearing God saying don’t get involved. I did try to fight it but eventually the conviction got to me and I did step back.”

She felt that God was teaching her about how to look after herself and how to do ministry differently. “Something I learned [during the first year] was...doing organic versus formal ministry…I felt freedom throughout that season because in that rest I felt freedom to learn about organic ministry. Just because you’re not in a formal position doesn’t mean you’re not doing ministry; it doesn’t mean you’re not serving people.”

At the end of that year Arleen prayed about being involved in the Tyndale community. “I said, ‘Okay God, can I please run for Student Council.’ I thought that if it was going to be His will then He would leave the door open.” The door opened and Arleen is enjoying being one of the Student Life Coordinators of the Seminary Student Council.