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Amanda Camacho

Amanda Camacho

Job. Passion. Calling.

“I had become a Christian at 14 and, in high school, I was looking for work and thought a nursing home was something different and more meaningful,” says Amanda Camacho [MDiv 2014]. At the time, she didn’t realize the impact this work would have on her spiritually and the way it would determine her future path.

At first, working with the elderly was a job, then it became a passion, and now Amanda sees her work as a calling.

As she engaged with the residents in a unique, personal way, she found that it “changed my world perspective. By listening to their stories, I realized that we have all these goals and ambitions, but what actually matters the most is your family and community. All the stuff we accumulate won’t be there, but the people you invested in will be there.”

Amanda has now worked in three separate nursing homes and is currently working part-time as a recreational coordinator while attending Tyndale. She plans to become a parttime chaplain in a long-term care facility, where she will be able to act on what she describes as her “two real loves, working with elderly individuals and trying to develop new and creative ways to relate the Bible in their current situation, whether they have dementia or Alzheimer’s.”

Describing her experiences working with the elderly, she says, “It’s hard when you see people and they don’t remember all the things that meant something to them, but it is amazing when we have our church services, when you find something that connects with their past, how alive they become.” She has found her work to be richly rewarding and urges other young people “to know that people in long-term facilities are still people and have so much to contribute to society. You shouldn’t look at them as people in need, but as equals, who love social interaction just as much as you do.”