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Daniel Hainaut

Daniel Hainaut

Turning Passion into Action

Daniel Hainaut [BA 2014] has always been devoted to his hobbies, passions and the people who surround him. Growing up in Quebec, Daniel says he was “raised to be passionate about many great things including family, being a good friend, and a good brother. My parents have pushed me to understand what my passions are and to pursue those”. These teachings continue to play an increasingly larger role in his life.

At Tyndale, Daniel found he was able to follow his passions and turn them into action. He was engaged in the things he loves, such as music, athletic competition and building relationships. Describing his experiences at Tyndale, he explains that “in all things I try to honour God and do everything to the best of my abilities— play hard, worship fervently and try to be a great friend.”

Daniel says that most of what he does “is out of passion and out of excitement”. These motivations drew him to become very involved in the Tyndale community—as a Resident Advisor, community group leader, part of a worship team and multiple intramural sports, and joining the Student Council. Daniel acts on the belief that “I would be amiss if I didn’t offer to serve in some capacity. The best I can do for this school that I love is to serve it.” When the going gets hard, Daniel says, “I find myself praying more when I need a boost, when passions feel like a chore. When I’m serving and am tired and busy, I pray that God would give me focus and patience and rely on Him more.”

Explaining the dramatic change in his life, Daniel comments, “When I got to Tyndale, I was mostly focused on myself. I was self-centred and cocky, defining myself by own abilities and my own knowledge. As time went on, I allowed God to change me and help me develop. He introduced me to healthy relationships. I found myself pouring into individuals more and more, allowing God to humble me and take away the focus on me and turn the focus to others.”