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Editor's Letter

Editor's Letter

I Have a Passion For ...

At 6 am one morning, I drove onto the Bayview campus for a photo shoot. The light of dawn lit up the steeple. The trees and grass were a lush green, and you could feel a serene peace. In just over one year, all of Tyndale will move onto this campus. The 380,000-square foot building, sitting on 56 acres of land, is majestic, beautiful, and peaceful. How will we feel when the whole community moves into its new home?

“Community” is often the first word we hear when students describe Tyndale. This is a familiar theme here because our alumni talk about community when reminiscing about their time at TBC, LCBM, OBC, OTS, or Tyndale. Both alumni and current students say that the relationship with God and relationships with other people grow and become stronger at Tyndale. Tyndale’s community seems to provide the space for people to explore and follow their passions that often become a large part of their lives.

In this edition, Peter Ro describes that his passion for creation led him to work with a group of scientists I Have a Passion For… throughout North America to reduce acid rain. Sonja Hotke’s love for hockey developed into coaching and playing floorball on a national level. The desire to understand his parents’ experience as new immigrants to Canada inspired Steven De Souza to take a teaching position at a private school in China. These alumni are living out their passions in life, and in pursuing these desires, they are seeing how their spiritual life is actually life in its entirety.

I have a passion for inspiring and supporting people so they can grow personally and help others. I am continually inspired by the stories of students, alumni, faculty, and staff living out their passions and faith. By sharing their stories, I hope others will be inspired to do the same. When people live out their faith this way, the outcome can surpass our wildest dreams. 

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