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Walking The Halls of Tyndale

“Tyndale came at the right time in my life, and it has been a good fit in terms of people and ministry that hasn’t ended for me,” says Brian Bertrim, Tyndale’s facilities supervisor. Brian, who was previously a senior pastor in a church, believes his ministry calling is about engaging people in small, intimate groups that allow for building authentic relationships and more deeply nurturing people who wonder about God.

Brian and his wife Marilyn are currently involved in three small groups that meet regularly. They include people he has met in various areas of his life who are looking to delve into spiritual things and learn more about Christ. Sometimes, these are people who would not want to walk through a church door but are still looking for answers.

Ministry also occurs in Brian’s day job. As he walks through Tyndale’s halls, “Pastor Brian,” as he is often called, engages with people. He learns about their lives and cares about what is happening. “You are walking into people’s offices, and you are a part of their life, and I am relational enough that I enjoy people and (want) to connect and to bless.” Ministering is simply a part of Brian.

Currently at Tyndale, the facilities team is busy taking care of two campuses, and Brian, who has been at the school for almost three years, is enjoying the challenge. “I love that God keeps us in motion. I enjoy change…and every day is different here in the job that I do, and I enjoy that. I enjoy the new campus now, and I love learning.” The “exceptional guys” who report to him and the rest of the facilities team are another reason why Brian loves his job. His role includes overseeing student workers. Brian describes how a student, who was about to leave the department, told him how much “he enjoyed the chats that we had and the little things and the way that I supervised with care”. These mentoring opportunities are something that Brian appreciates because he enjoys “participating in a person’s life if they need help or wisdom or prayer, or even if they don’t.”

Brian says that “having students come in and work and their innocence and honesty and trying to figure things out,” has become the favourite part of his job. So while Brian’s official role at Tyndale is caring for the building, he has made it one that also has him caring for the people who walk its halls. 

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