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Campus Move

Campus Move

In the Thick of it

Much progress has been made over the last number of months as we forge ahead with the extensive renovations required to get the Bayview campus ready for classes this fall. A sizeable and necessary increase in electrical capacity was achieved with the construction of a new hydro-electric sub-station; the building’s original air handling system is being replaced with new, high-efficiency air-handling units; new wired and wireless Internet capacity is being installed; life safety systems are being upgraded; 50-year-old wires are being replaced with new wiring throughout the building, which will increase operating efficiencies; and so on. It is exciting to see the transformations taking place!

There is still much to be done to position Tyndale for the transition from Ballyconnor to Bayview this summer. We are continuing to work through regulatory matters with the City of Toronto to allow the necessary building permits to be issued. Once this is done we will move ahead with other renovations to meet our objective: to hold all classes – university and seminary – at Bayview this September.

Moving an entire campus is a complex undertaking! However, God has called us – the people at Tyndale today – to this magnificent experience. We are trusting Him for the wisdom, strength, patience, flexibility and courage that we will need for the journey ahead.

Please continue to pray for Tyndale’s staff, faculty, students and especially our contractors who are diligently working to transform the Bayview property into a world-class Christian university campus. 

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