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A Future of Opportunity

A Future of Opportunity

Learning from a Christian perspective has always been attractive to Adriana Myland [BA 2016]. As much as family has helped her develop a commitment to God, being at Tyndale has given her the confidence to express her faith in ways that speak to her as an individual.

After spending some time at a Christian university in the prairies, Adriana came home to Toronto to continue her education at Tyndale University College. Adriana appreciates the dedication of Tyndale’s professors and the integration of Christianity into course topics.

“Learning about a person’s culture and getting to know who they are as individuals is a crucial part of Christian mission.”

As a psychology major, she is passionate about cultural anthropology and its implications for missions. This past summer, she travelled with a Tyndale Global Missions team to Alaska to share the message of Christ with First Nations youth. She found this experience personally impactful. “Getting to know the First Nations youth and exploring Alaska was invigorating,” says Adriana. In a community where the name of Jesus has been equated with misuse and abuse from times past, she says that they need more missionaries and support.

Adriana’s deepest passion is to learn about and help people from different cultures. With striking insight, she recognizes that you cannot do the latter without first being willing to do the former. She credits Tyndale for teaching her how to thoughtfully wrestle with her faith in preparation for work in a cross-cultural environment. In particular, she sees the study of psychology as a way for her to learn how people are created so that she can better empathize with them.

When asked what she likes about going to the same school as her father Timothy [BRE 1993, MTS 2014], Adriana jokingly says, “I guess it’s good to know you have a ride to school every day.” She admits that it is different being a university student and seeing her father in the halls, but she sees his influence and character as some of the reasons she came to Tyndale.

Adriana knows that the future promises great opportunity, not only for herself but also for Tyndale as it moves into the Bayview campus on its 120th anniversary. As she shares her dream of travelling the world after she graduates, she also sees the more immediate “opportunities that can arise from Tyndale moving to the Bayview campus, especially when it comes to outreach and visibility in the local community.”

Whether it is at home or abroad, Adrianna strongly believes in this one thing: “Learning about a person’s culture and getting to know who they are as individuals is a crucial part of Christian mission.”