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A History of Impact

A History of Impact

Timothy Myland [BRE 1993, MTS 2014] first came to Tyndale in 1979. Early on in his life, he wanted to be a missionary. After two years of studying, something changed drastically. “I was in a church history class, and I just thought: ‘This makes no sense anymore.’ Christianity, school, sitting in class…with everything that was going on in my life, it just made no sense anymore.” He spoke with the Dean who encouraged him to “keep the faith,” but to go where God was calling him. The next day he walked out.

After finding a part-time job, he applied to Ryerson University, where he would eventually earn a degree in social work and begin a career in that field. But his connection to Tyndale never ended. He kept in close contact with his professors, who were a source of encouragement when he was challenged by the complexities of the secular workplace. Timothy noticed an obvious difference between the secular university environment and life as a Tyndale student. “At Tyndale, we’re all here for the same reason; we want to know what God’s will is for our lives and how we can serve Him in the world.”

In 1990, he came back to Tyndale as a part-time student. Three years later, he would complete his Bachelor of Religious Education (BRE) degree – two weeks after the birth of his youngest daughter, Adriana Myland [BA 2016].

“As a social worker, I felt like I’ve said what I can and listened as long as I can, but it hasn’t been enough.”

For 22 years, Timothy served children and adolescents with acquired brain injuries at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital. Although his job was rewarding in many ways, he began to experience compassion fatigue. Looking for a way out, he asked God for help. In response, God again led him back to Tyndale in 2009 to pursue a Master of Theological Studies (MTS) focusing on spiritual formation. “As a social worker, I felt like I’ve said what I can and listened as long as I can, but it hasn’t been enough. I sensed that I was missing the option to discuss faith with the people I was helping.” Due to restructuring, he no longer works at the hospital but still continues to study at Tyndale today. He plans to become a Certified Spiritual Director (CSD) so that he can integrate spirituality as a core tool in his practice.

Serving God runs in the Myland family, and so does Tyndale. Timothy did not know it at the time, but his daughter Adriana would join him as a Tyndale student two decades later.

As we turn the page of history and celebrate Tyndale’s 120th anniversary, Timothy recognizes that as Tyndale moves to the Bayview campus, “things will change and some things will be lost.” But he is hopeful that Tyndale’s legacy of being known as a close community of learning and worship will carry on into the future.