Celebrating 120: Tyndale Commemorates a Special Anniversary

Friday, April 25, 2014

“You may be surprised to learn that the idea of transforming the Bible college into an undergraduate university finds its roots in the 1960s at the London College of Bible and Missions,” says President Dr. Gary Nelson, as he reflects on the institutional DNA of Tyndale in the 120th Anniversary issue of Tyndale Magazine. “Later, the dream to develop a graduate theological seminary that took the church and its mission seriously both in Canada and around the world, bore fruit. No one could have anticipated what has since taken place.”

This year is a significant milestone for Tyndale University College & Seminary – an institution rich in history that stands on the precipice of a major transition in the year of its 120th anniversary.
As Tyndale moves this year from its Ballyconnor campus to the 56-acre campus on Bayview Avenue, it will be a “year of goodbyes to a campus where many encountered God in real and tangible ways, but also a year of introductions as we fully experience and discover the new campus together,” says Dr. Nelson.

In addition to the 120th Anniversary issue of Tyndale Magazine, Tyndale has launched a 120th Anniversary website devoted to the eras that have formed Tyndale’s institutional DNA. From leadership profiles to a comprehensive timeline of the institution’s journey, the website commemorates Tyndale’s rich history and honours its historical roots.

In this year of celebration and transition, we invite our community to participate in the celebration in three ways:

  • Pray. On May 30 we launch 120 Days of Prayer. We cannot stress enough how much we covet your prayers during this period of transition. Visit the 120 Days of Prayer page to learn more about how you can join.
  • Visit. There are a variety of events planned in the coming months, including summer chapels and a Homecoming in the fall. Visit the Celebrating 120 Years - Events page for more information.
  • Give. There are a number of special celebratory 120th anniversary projects to support. Visit the 120th Anniversary Celebration Projects page for more details.

Join us at Tyndale as we celebrate this milestone and make the historic move to the Bayview campus.


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