President Nelson Representing Canada at Lausanne Movement Consultation

Monday, May 26, 2014

Tyndale University College & Seminary's President Dr. Gary Nelson will be participating in The Lausanne Movement's Consultation on Global Theological Education.

Taking place at Mackenzie Presbyterian University in São Paulo, Brazil, from June 2 to June 6, 2014, the consultation will feature 65 key decision makers within theological education from all over the world. Dr. Nelson is representing Canada in this consultation.

The 21st century is viewed by many church leaders as a period of mass cultural change and growing complexities worldwide. In response to this, The Lausanne Movement has called for a renewed effort by the global church to navigate these challenges together as it seeks new opportunities to spread the gospel and foster global partnerships in theological education.

Delegates participating in the consultation, two-thirds of which are from the Global South, will focus on four key themes: Successful Missional Biblical Partnerships; Contextualization in Theological Education; Global and Missional Sustainability in Theological Education; and Formal and Nonformal Training.

The overarching theme of the consultation is “Towards Missional Biblical Partnership in Global Theological Education.” This will allow key decision makers in the church to move from discussion of the various themes to the practical implications for ministry in the global arena.

“This is an amazing opportunity to learn, listen and discuss theological education from a global perspective,” says Dr. Nelson. “Our multicultural context in Toronto, mirrored in our student body, has much to offer to the consultation. I am pleased to represent Tyndale and our Canadian voice.”

To find out more information about the gathering, visit The Lausanne Movement website.


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