Message from the President

Welcome to Tyndale University College & Seminary. We are on an exciting adventure in our mission to provide quality post-graduate education and graduate theological and ministerial training. Tyndale has over 120 years of history in preparing people for their future professions, from teaching and business to pastoral work. Tyndale continues to do this today, and has expanded upon it to prepare people for their future.

Tyndale offers students a university education that prepares them to work in several different professions or for further graduate studies within a context that affirms a community of faith. Tyndale scores high in a poll measuring students’ satisfaction with their university education. We offer Bachelors of Arts degrees in Business, Psychology, Biblical Studies, English, History, Philosophy and more, as well as a Bachelors of Education.

Tyndale Seminary is the largest graduate school of theology in Canada. We have worked diligently to provide ease of access for students who wish to study part-time or full-time. There are multiple ways in which you can study and train. The multicultural nature of our student body makes learning exciting and challenging. You will study with professors deeply rooted in taking their subjects and placing them in real context. This is not just theory for them, they have had to put it into practice. Neither do we think that ministry only happens professionally through pastoral ministry. The call to faithful living is for all. Consequently we believe in shaping and transforming people of faith to be able to think theologically, deepen their spiritual lives and navigate the challenges of 21st century world.

In 2007, we acquired the Morrow Park facilities on Bayview Avenue. The Bachelor of Education program, Doctor of Ministry program, the Development office, the Alumni office and the Tyndale Association of Spiritual Directors moved to the Bayview campus in 2009. The rest of the university and seminary joined them in Spring 2015, completing the historic move. The new campus provides 56 acres of green space and property resources to expand our course offerings and accommodate our growth.

At Tyndale we take the task of shaping and transforming students seriously. Our hope is that you will capture the excitement that we feel about being at Tyndale. Come and visit, get to know us and become part of Tyndale’s community.


President Gary Nelson's signature

Gary V. Nelson
President and Vice Chancellor
Tyndale University College and Seminary