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Business Administration - Health and Human Services


Tyndale’s Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration – Health and Human Services equips you with a strong foundation to pursue a career in the business of human services. When you graduate, you will be able to apply what you have learned as you actively engage your passion to help people.

Interdisciplinary Approach

Our program integrates business administration with social service courses for a broad-based education that will allow you to pursue several different careers in the social and human services sector. Your degree will provide you with an understanding of the complex issues people face and their socioeconomic impact in our culture. You will also learn the practical business skills needed to start or manage a social service or public health organization.

Be Challenged

You will have the opportunity to learn from professors who have experience working in and managing social service or public health organizations. You will learn from faculty who understand the realities of the field. Your professors will challenge you to think analytically and show you how to incorporate your faith with your career. They will be able to support you with preparing for your future career or studies.

Program Faculty

Dr. Anthony Hutchinson

Dr. Carsten Hennings

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For a future career in »

  • Hospital Administrator
  • Social and Community Services Administrator
  • Health Care Policy Advisor
  • Public Health Administrator
  • Human Services Administrator

Program Requirements

Major Requirements (69 Credit Hours)
  • [BUSI 1013] Introduction to Business
  • [BUSI 2023] Business Communication
  • [BUSI 2313] Marketing
  • [BUSI 2613] Introduction to Financial Accounting
  • [BUSI 2623] Introduction to Managerial Accounting
  • [BUSI 3113] Managing Non-Profit Organizations
  • [BUSI 3233] Business Ethics
  • [BUSI 3413] Entrepreneurship and New Ventures
  • [BUSI 3813] Finance
  • [BUSI 4113] Business Policy and Strategy I
  • [ECON 1013] Microeconomics
  • [ECON 1023] Macroeconomics
  • [MATH 1213] Introduction to Statistics
  • [PSYC 1013], [PSYC 1023] Introduction to Psychology I, II
  • [SOCI 1013], [SOCI 1023] Introduction to Sociology I, II
  • [SOCI 2513] Introduction to Social Welfare
  • Five of the following: [SOCI 3513], [PSYC 3013], [PSYC 3023], [PSYC 3083], [HEAL 4023], [PSYC 4043], either 3000 Level or 4000 Level HEAL or SOCI Elective
Core Requirements (36 Credit Hours)
  • [INDS 1013] University Studies in Christian Perspective
  • Two of the following: [ENGL 1013], [ENGL 1023], [ENGL 1033], [ENGL 1043], [ENGL 1713]
  • Either [HIST 1013] or [HIST 1023] History of Western Civilization I, or II
  • [PHIL 1713] Introduction to Philosophy
  • [BSTH 1013] Old Testament Scripture
  • [BSTH 1013] New Testament Scripture
  • [BSTH 2013] Hermeneutics
  • [BSTH 2703] Introduction to Christian Theology
  • Fine Arts Elective (3 Credit Hours)
  • Language Electives (6 Credit Hours)
Electives (15 Credit Hours)

Total Degree Requirements: 120 Credit Hours

Program requirements subject to change.
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