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Certificate in Christian Studies: Transitions



Transitions is a one-year introductory program in Christian Studies that requires 30 credit hours of study (10 courses) and two field education units. The program is designed to allow students to make the transition from high school to university college and from one life path to another. Transitions will guide students in spiritual formation, a Christian worldview, biblical studies, the mission of the church and personal gifting and vocation. The program is self-contained. When students complete the requirements they will have earned the Certificate in Christian Studies. In the term in which the student expects to complete all requirements for the Certificate in Christian Studies: Transitions, the student may apply for graduation. A cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of at least 2.0 must be attained in order to qualify for graduation. Students who plan to continue their studies at Tyndale must apply for admission into a degree program by the time they have completed their 10th academic course. Tyndale will not normally award the Transitions certificate beyond the point at which the student has completed 15 courses. The program is well suited for students not able to attend classes on a full-time basis. Within the structure of the program, students have a great number of electives to allow them wide exposure to a variety of disciplines.

Program Faculty

Dr. Bill Friesen

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Possible Focus Opportunities »

  • Spiritual Formation
  • Biblical Studies
  • Church Ministry

Program Requirements

Core Requirements (15 Credit Hours)
  • [CHRI 1013] Christian Life and Discipleship
  • [ENGL 1713] Literature and Composition
  • [INDS 1013] University Studies in Christian Perspective
  • [BSTH 1013] Old Testament Scripture
  • [BSTH 1023] New Testament Scripture
  • [FDED 1020] Field Education (Unit #2)
Electives (15 Credit Hours)

Total Program Requirements: 30 Credit Hours

Program requirements subject to change.
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