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Human Services - Early Childhood Education Track


The Bachelor of Arts in Human Services and Diploma in Early Childhood Education is a program offered in partnership with Seneca College. Upon graduation, you will have the ability and knowledge to work in a variety of workplace settings, or pursue a Bachelor of Education or Master's Degree.

Degree and Diploma

Our program allows you to complete a university degree and college diploma in only four years of full-time study. You will learn and understand: cognitive development, social and emotional development theories, and the physical development of children. The degree and diploma combination integrates theoretical and practical knowledge for a successful career in your future.

Academic and Applied

Our faculty teaches academic courses that are intended to be readily applied to the human services or childhood education workforce. You will learn from courses such as Psychology, Human Development, and Research Methods in the Social Sciences. Furthermore, you will complete an internship to practice early childhood education principles and responsibilities in a child care centre setting.

Interdisciplinary Approach

Our program takes an interdisciplinary approach that promotes a broad and full experience where you will learn how to learn and how to think. A Bachelor of Arts degree has course options in English, history, math, science, religious studies, psychology, and sociology that can enrich your practice of childhood education.

Program Faculty

Dr. Amanda Azarbehi

Dr. Anthony Hutchinson

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Possible Future Opportunities »

  • Elementary School Teacher
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Early Interventionist
  • Municipal Child Care Services
  • Early Learning Centres

Program Requirements

Major Requirements (36 Credit Hours)
  • [MATH 1213] Introduction to Statistics
  • [MATH 3223] Data Analysis
  • [PSYC 1013], [PSYC 1023] Introduction to Psychology I, II
  • [PSYC 2113], [PSYC 2123] Developmental Psychology I, II
  • [PSYC 3603] Research Methods in the Social Sciences
  • [SOCI 1013] Introduction to Sociology
  • PSYC Electives (3000 or 4000 Level) (9 Credit Hours)
  • PSYC Elective (4000 Level) (3 Credit Hours)
Diploma in Early Childhood Education

Students receive 30 credit hours for completing the 10-month program at Seneca College. All requirements for the Diploma must be met in order for the student to be eligible to receive the BA in Human Services.

Core Requirements (45 Credit Hours)
  • [INDS 1013] University Studies in Christian Perspective
  • Two of the Following: [ENGL 1013], [ENGL 1023], [ENGL 1033], [ENGL 1043], [ENGL 1713]
  • [HIST 1013], [HIST 1023] History of Western Civilization I, II
  • [INDS 4753] Christianity & Culture
  • [PHIL 1013], [PHIL 1023] History of Philosophy I, II  
  • [BSTH 1013] Old Testament Scripture 
  • [BSTH 1023] New Testament Scripture   
  • [BSTH 2013] Hermeneutics   
  • [BSTH 2703] Introduction to Christian Theology
  • Fine Arts Elective (3 Credit Hours)
  • Language Electives (6 Credit Hours)
Electives (9 Credit Hours)

Total Degree Requirements: 120 Credit Hours

Program requirements subject to change.
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