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Begin your university studies in Mathematics at Tyndale. In your first two years you will establish a solid foundation by taking a range of courses in calculus, algebra, probability and discrete mathematics. These courses are offered in the midst of Tyndale’s dynamic, vibrant community. You will then transfer to Nipissing University for two more years of study to complete your BSc degree in Math.

Math and Christian Faith

If you wonder how mathematics might be part of your own calling, then Tyndale's math program is for you. Here you’ll find numbers to crunch, problems to solve, objective answers to discover. Your professors will instruct you on how to find mathematical solutions for everyday life problems. These will be the people who will take the time to show you how faith and math are interwoven.

Begin with Mathematics

A Math degree is useful in a variety of professional disciplines such as business, social science, engineering, computing and the natural sciences. Your courses will teach you how to use mathematical tools and procedures to solve the problems and theorems in a wide variety of math careers. Expand your logical and creative abilities while becoming part of a community that will help deepen your Christian faith.

For a future career as a »

  • Statistician
  • Accountant
  • Research Analyst
  • Teacher
  • Insurance Agent
  • Business Person

Program Requirements

Major Requirements to be taken in your first 2 years at Tyndale
(7-9 courses, 21-27 credit hours)
  • [MATH 1113] Calculus I
  • [MATH 1123] Calculus II
  • [MATH 1313] Introduction to Linear Algebra
  • [MATH 1513] Discrete Mathematics I
  • [MATH 2113] Advanced Calculus I
  • [MATH 2123] Advanced Calculus II
  • [MATH 2313] Advanced Linear Algebra
  • [MATH 2513] Discrete Mathematics II
  • [MATH 2213] Probability and Statistics I
Other Requirements to be completed in your first 2 years at Tyndale
(up to 13 courses or 39 credit hours)
  • You must have a minimum of 2 courses (6 credit hours) from the Humanities (English, History, Philosophy, Biblical Studies and Theology, Fine Arts), and an additional 2 courses from the Social Sciences (Economics, Psychology, Human Services).
After two years at Tyndale you must have 20 courses (60 Credit Hours) completed to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics at Nipissing University.
Program requirements subject to change.
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