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Minor in Christian Ministries - Intercultural Studies


Learn about intercultural ministries in one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world. A minor in Christian Ministries – Intercultural Studies will provide you with the skills you’ll need to minister to people in different cultural contexts. Whether you desire to work full-time in an intercultural ministry community, to volunteer across cultural divides or to witness in your own multicultural setting, this program is for you.

Crossing Cultures

Learn from professors who are currently ministering in an intercultural context. Be relevant to those to whom you minister as you learn about different cultural expressions of Christian faith. You can explore international development studies as a part of this program. Gain practical tools to converse with people who have a perspective different from your own. Learn skills that can be applied in multi-cultural settings. This minor can serve as an important part of a Christian missions training program.

Internship in Intercultural Ministry

An internship in Intercultural Studies will expose you to life in a cross-cultural ministry context. Put into practice your cross-cultural communication skills and theological understanding of global Christianity. As you work in this ministry, your faculty advisor and field supervisor will be available to help you navigate through the experience.

This Intercultural Studies program will help you gain a better understanding of the different cultural perspectives that people bring into conversations about faith.

For a future career as a »

  • Pastor
  • Outreach Worker
  • Worship Leader
  • Missionary

Program Requirements

Minor Requirements (18 Credit Hours):
  • [CHRI 121] Ministry Today
  • [CHRI 369] Internship in Intercultural Studies
  • [CHRI 344] Seminar in Ministry
  • Three of
    • [CHRI 361] Global Christianity
    • [CHRI 362] Modern Missiological Issues
    • [CHRI 364] Ministry in a Multicultural World
    • [CHRI 366] Anthropology for Humanitarian Work (same as IDVP 304)
    • [CHRI 367] Cross Cultural Studies
    • [IDVP 301] Introduction to International Development
    • [IDVP 302] Political Science and Micropolitics of International Development
    • ____ ___ Language elective course (not GREE or HEBR)
    • ____ ___ Language elective course (not GREE or HEBR)
Program requirements subject to change.
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