» Minor in Christian Ministries - Music and Worship

Minor in Christian Ministries - Music and Worship


If you love to use your musical talents to lead others in worshiping God, then you should consider a minor in Christian Ministries - Music and Worship. This minor is useful for anyone who wants to work full-time or as a volunteer in worship ministry. It is an option for any student pursuing a BA at Tyndale.

Leading Worship

Receive formal training in music and worship ministry. Strive to improve your skills and talents with courses focused on technical skills in piano, voice and music theory. Gain an understanding of contemporary and historical Christian worship. Learn how to lead worship well in a contemporary church setting. Grow in your spirituality and musicality.

Internship in Music Ministry

Grow in music ministry experience and confidence with an internship. Put into practice your improved musical talents and your deeper understanding of worship. Your faculty advisor and field supervisor will be able to assist you as you apply what you learn in the classroom to the practice of leading worship.

Determine how Christian worship music can provide a place for a faithful Biblical expression of God's greatness.

For a future career as a »

  • Worship Pastor
  • Worship Team Leader
  • Band Member

Program Requirements

Minor Requirements (18 Credit Hours):
  • [CHRI 121] Ministry Today
  • [CHRI 379] Internship in Music and Worship Ministry
  • [CHRI 344] Seminar in Ministry
  • 9 Credit Hours from
    • [CHRI 240] (3) History of Christian Worship
    • [CHRI 241] (3) Theology of Christian Worship
    • [CHRI 340] (3) Contemporary Worship in the Church
    • [CHRI 343] (3) Preaching
    • [CHRI 361] (3) Global Christianity
    • [FINE 171] (3) Music Fundamentals
    • [FINE 172] (3) Music Appreciation
    • [FINE 181] (3) Applied Instrumental: Piano
    • [FINE 183] (1) Applied Vocal
    • [FINE 184] (2) Music Ensemble Choir
Program requirements subject to change.
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