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信仰深度行 Our Evangelical Faith (Book: 2012) Dr. Victor Shepherd 9781926848280
“War: Fighting the Enemies of God, not Man” (Article: 2013) Dr. Madison Pierce 0146-1079
“The Perfect Tense-Form and the Son of Man in John 3.13: Developments in Greek Grammar as a Viable Solution to the Timing of the Ascent and Descent” (Article: 2014) Dr. Madison Pierce 0028-6885
“O Boundless Salvation”: Save Souls, Grow Saints, and Serve Suffering Humanity – The Army's Holistic Vision (Chapter: 2016) Dr. James Pedlar 9781842278451
Word Becoming Flesh [On Appropriation]: Engaging Daniel as a Survival Manual (Chapter: 2012) Dr. Barbara Leung Lai 978-1-61970-009-3
Witnesses to the Word (Book: 2001) Dr. Victor Shepherd 978-1894667005
Wilderness Traditions in Paul, Hebrews, and the Wisdom of Solomon (Chapter: 2017) Dr. Madison Pierce 978-0-5676-5791-6
Why a Believer Could Believe that God Answers Prayers (Article: 2009) Dr. W. Paul Franks
When the Spirit Came Upon Them (Review: 2003) Dr. Bradley Noel
What Would Bakhtin Say about Isaiah 21:1-12? A Re-reading (Article: 2010) Dr. Barbara Leung Lai
What Place, then, for Rational Apologetics? (Chapter: 2014) Dr. W. Paul Franks, Dr. Richard Davis
What is Worship? (Article: 2015) Rev. Dr. Kevin Livingston
Voice and Ideology in Ecclesiastes: Reading 'Cross the Grains' (Chapter: 2013) Dr. Barbara Leung Lai 978-1-58983-924-3
Veiled Intent: Dissenting Women's Aesthetic Approach to Biblical Interpretation (Book: 2016) Dr. Natasha Duquette 9781620324127
Veiled Exegesis: Dissenting Women's Aesthetic Approach to Theological Hermeneutics and Social Action (Chapter: 2015) Dr. Natasha Duquette 9781472437457
Universal Atonement or Ongoing Incarnation? Comparing the Missional Theologies of William Booth and Isaac Hecker (Article: 2015) Dr. James Pedlar 0092-4245
Understanding Islam Nelson's Quick Guide To Religions (Book: 2001) Dr. James Beverley 0785248978
Uncovering the Isaian Personality: Wishful Thinking or Viable Task? (Chapter: 2007) Dr. Barbara Leung Lai 1906055181
Turmoil in the Middle East: Implications for Christians There and Globally (Article: 2013) Dr. Wafik Wahba
Trust, cultural norms and financial institutions in rural communities: the case of Cameroon (Article: 2017) Dr. Nathanael Ojong 1470-1162
Traditions in Transition: Haggai and Zechariah 1-8 in the Trajectory of Hebrew Theology (Chapter: 2008) Dr. John Kessler 0567026515
Total Otherness, Awe-Driven Self-Condemnation, and Atonement for Guilt: The Psychology of Religious Experience and Guilt in Isaiah 6 (Chapter: 2010) Dr. Barbara Leung Lai 978-1-60876-589-8
Through the 'I'-Window: The Inner Life of Characters in the Hebrew Bible (Book: 2011) Dr. Barbara Leung Lai ISBN 978-1-909655-82-0
Theological Education in Asia: An Indigenous Agenda for Renewal (Article: 1994) Dr. Yau Man Siew
Theological Education in Asia: An Indigenous Agenda for Renewal (Chapter: 1996) Dr. Yau Man Siew 0912552999
Theodicy in Habakkuk (Book: 2014) Dr. Grace Ko 9781842278505
The Use of the Son of Man Idiom in John (Chapter: 2011) Dr. Benjamin Reynolds 9780567521194
The Testimony of Jesus and the Holy Spirit: The "We" of John 3:11 in its Literary Context (Article: 2007) Dr. Benjamin Reynolds
The Suffering of God According to Martin Luther's 'Theologia Crucis' (Book: 2005) Dr. Dennis Ngien 978-1573833691
The Spirit Said Go (Review: 2007) Dr. Bradley Noel
The Shaking of the Nations: An Eschatological View (Article: 1987) Dr. John Kessler
The Second Year of Darius and the Prophet Haggai (Article: 1991) Dr. John Kessler
The Perfect Tense-Form and the Son of Man in John 3.13: Developments in Greek Grammar as a Viable Solution to the Ascent and... (Article: 2014) Dr. Benjamin Reynolds
The Oxford Movement: A Thematic History of the Tractarians and Their Times (Book: 2004) Dr. C. Brad Faught 978-0271023946
The Otherworldly Mediators in 4 Ezra and 2 Baruch: A Comparison with Angelic Mediators in Ascent Apocalypses and in Daniel, Ezek ... (Chapter: 2013) Dr. Benjamin Reynolds 9789004258679
The Ordering of the Twelve as Israel's Historiography (Chapter: 2013) Dr. Grace Ko 9781575062570
The Online Critical Pseudepigrapha (Book: 2006) Dr. Ian Scott
The New Model Army in England, Ireland and Wales, 1645-1653 (Book: 1992) Dr. Ian Gentles 0-631-15869-3
The New A-Z of Empire: A Concise Handbook of British Imperial History (Book: 2011) Dr. C. Brad Faught 1845118715
The Nature and Function of Faith in the Theology of John Calvin (Book: 2004) Dr. Victor Shepherd 1573833282
The Metaphysics of Theism and Modality (American University Studies Series V, Philosophy) (Book: 2001) Dr. Richard Davis 0820445290
The Making of a Missiologist: Formative Influences in the Early Life of David Bosch (Chapter: 2014) Rev. Dr. Kevin Livingston 978-1573834971
The Legacy of David J. Bosch (Article: 1999) Rev. Dr. Kevin Livingston
The Johannine Son of Man and the Historical Jesus: Shall Ever the Twain Meet? John 9:35 as a Test Case (Article: 2011) Dr. Benjamin Reynolds
The Jewish Apocalyptic Tradition and the Shaping of New Testament Thought (Book: 2017) Dr. Benjamin Reynolds 9781451492668
The Impact of the Local Church Showing Compassion: Lessons from the Syrian Crisis (Article: 2015) Dr. Rupen Das
The English Revolution and the Wars in the Three Kingdoms, 1638-1652 (Book: 2007) Dr. Ian Gentles 0582065518
The Economic Actions of the Holy Spirit in Luther's Sermons on the Gospel of John (Chapter: 2016) Dr. Dennis Ngien 0011-2186
The Divine Wanderer: Travel and Divinization in Late Antiquity (Chapter: 2011) Dr. Ian Scott 1554582229
The Diaspora Experience of the Korean Church and its Implications for World Missions (Chapter: 2011) Dr. Minho Song 978-1-870345-89-7