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Divine Freedom and the Free Will Defense (Article: 2013) Dr. W. Paul Franks
Division, Diversity, and Unity: A Theology of Ecclesial Charisms (Book: 2015) Dr. James E. Pedlar 9781433130052
Do You Love Me? And Other Questions Jesus Asks (Book: 2007) Dr. Victor A. Shepherd 978-1894667692
Doctrine in The Salvation Army Tradition (Article: 2010) Dr. James E. Pedlar 0383-4301X
Ecclesial Institutions as Means of Grace: A Wesleyan View of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Church (Article: 2014) Dr. James E. Pedlar 0092-4245
Elementary Particles and the Standard Model (Book: 1998) Dr. Doug Hayhoe
Envisioning the Arts: Changing Attitudes Towards the Visual Arts in Canadian Conservative Protestant Christianity (Article: 2008) Dr. Mark Chapman
Episcopacy and the Sovereignty of the Spirit: ARCIC on Authority as a Response to Miroslav Volf (Article: 2009) Dr. James E. Pedlar 0360-9073
ét (le temps) en Ag i 2: conflit théologique ou ‘sagesse mondaine’? (Article: 1998) Dr. John Kessler
Family Interview (Chapter: 2010) Dr. Vincent H. K. Poon 193497000X
Finding Pieces of the Puzzle: A Fresh Look at the Christian Story (Book: 2011) Dr. Ronald Kydd 978-1-60608-567-7
Food Security and Food Sovereignty in Iraq:The Impact of War and Sanction on the Civilian Population (Article: 2007) Dr. Rupen Das
Fostering Community and A Culture of Learning in Seminary Classrooms: A Personal Journey (Article: 2006) Dr. Yau Man Siew
Foundations of Christian Living (Book: 2006) Dr. David Sherbino Sher
From Biblical Theology to Biblical Criticism: Old Testament Scholarship at Uppsala University, 1866-1922 (Book: 2000) Dr. Rebecca Idestrom 9122018646
From the Foundations to the Crenellations: Essays on Temple Building in the Ancient Near East and the Hebrew Bible (Chapter: 2010) Dr. John Kessler 3868350314
Fruit for The Soul: Luther on the Lament Psalms (Book: 2015) Dr. Dennis Ngien 9781451485219
Gifted Response: The Triune God as the Causative Agency of Our Responsive Worship (Book: 2008) Dr. Dennis Ngien 978-1842276105
Giving Wings to the Soul (Book: 2011) Dr. Dennis Ngien 1610970993
God and Refugees: Foundations for Hope (Article: 2016) Dr. Rupen Das
God's Continent: Christianity, Islam and Europe's Religious Crisis by Philip Jenkins (Review: 2010) Dr. Mark Chapman
Going Global: A Congregation's Introduction to Mission Beyond Our Borders (Book: 2011) Dr. Gary V. Nelson 9780827212572
Gordon Fee and the Challenge to Pentecostal Hermeneutics: 30 Years Later (Article: 2004) Dr. Bradley Truman Noel
Gordon: Victorian Hero (Book: 2008) Dr. C. Brad Faught 978-1597971454
Handbook of Women Biblical Interpreters: A Historical and Biographical Guide (Chapter: 2012) Dr. Natasha Duquette 9780801033568
Handbook of Women Biblical Interpreters: A Historical and Biographical Guide (Chapter: 2012) Dr. Natasha Duquette 9780801033568
Handbook of Women Biblical Interpreters: A Historical and Biographical Guide (Chapter: 2012) Dr. Natasha Duquette Baker Academic
Healing Through the Centuries: Models for Understanding (Book: 1998) Dr. Ronald Kydd 978-0913573600
Hearing God's Bitter Cries (Hosea 11:1-9): Reading, Emotive-Experiencing, Appropriation (Article: 2004) Dr. Barbara M. Leung Lai
Hebrew Education through Feast and Festivals (Article: 2001) Dr. Yau Man Siew
Holy Laughter and the Toronto Blessing: An Investigative Report (Book: 1995) Dr. James A. Beverley 978-0310204978
Humanitarian Space in Unconventional Warfare (Chapter: 2007) Dr. Rupen Das
I was a stranger and you welcomed me: Hospitality as a spiritual practice (Article: 2002) Dr. Paul D. G. Bramer
I-Voice, Emotion, and Selfhood in Nehemiah (Article: 2015) Dr. Barbara M. Leung Lai
Identifying Evangelical Organizations: A New Look at an Old Problem (Article: 1999) Dr. Mark Chapman
Implicit Epistemology in the Letters of Paul: Story, Experience and the Spirit (Book: 2006) Dr. Ian W. Scott 978-3161487798
Integrating Immigrants into the Life of Canadian Urban Christian Congregations: Findings from a National Survey (Article: 2012) Dr. Mark Chapman
Interpretation of Love, God’s Love and Ours (Book: 2012) Dr. Dennis Ngien 13:978-1-62032-516-2
Interpreting Martin Luther: An Introduction to His Life and Thought (Book: 2008) Dr. Victor A. Shepherd 1573833991
Into Africa: The Imperial Life of Margery Perham (Book: 2011) Dr. C. Brad Faught 9781848854901
Introduction to Daniel (Article: 2008) Dr. Barbara M. Leung Lai
Invited book review of Chairman Mao Meets the Apostle Paul: Christianity, Communism, and the Hope for China (Review: 2003) Dr. Barbara M. Leung Lai
Is Philo's Moses a Divine Man? (Article: 2002) Dr. Ian W. Scott
Isaiah 21:11-12 The Silent Question and Answer (Article: 2015) Dr. Barbara M. Leung Lai 978-0-310-49453-9
Islam: An Introduction to Religion, Culture, and History (Book: 2011) Dr. James A. Beverley 1418545953
Islamic Faith in America (Book: 2003) Dr. James A. Beverley 0785248978
It’s Not That Simple: Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide Today (Book: 2015) Dr. Ian Gentles 9780920453377
Jane Austen and the Arts: Elegance, Propriety, and Harmony (Book: 2013) Dr. Natasha Duquette 978-1611461374
John H. Westerhoff III: A biography and comprehensive bibliography (Article: 2003) Dr. Paul D. G. Bramer
Judah and the Judeans in the Persian Period (Chapter: 2006) Dr. John Kessler 157506104X