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Publication Title Faculty ISBN/ISSN
Uncovering the Isaian Personality: Wishful Thinking or Viable Task? (Chapter: 2007) Dr. Barbara Leung Lai 1906055181
Understanding Islam Nelson's Quick Guide To Religions (Book: 2001) Dr. James Beverley 0785248978
What Would Bakhtin Say about Isaiah 21:1-12? A Re-reading (Article: 2010) Dr. Barbara Leung Lai
Witnesses to the Word (Book: 2001) Dr. Victor Shepherd 978-1894667005
Word Becoming Flesh [On Appropriation]: Engaging Daniel as a Survival Manual (Chapter: 2012) Dr. Barbara Leung Lai 978-1-61970-009-3
信仰深度行 Our Evangelical Faith (Book: 2012) Dr. Victor Shepherd 9781926848280
Into Africa: The Imperial Life of Margery Perham (Book: 2011) Dr. C. Brad Faught 9781848854901
Introduction to Daniel (Article: 2008) Dr. Barbara Leung Lai
Invited book review of Chairman Mao Meets the Apostle Paul: Christianity, Communism, and the Hope for China (Review: 2003) Dr. Barbara Leung Lai
Is Philo's Moses a Divine Man? (Article: 2002) Dr. Ian Scott
Islam: An Introduction to Religion, Culture, and History (Book: 2011) Dr. James Beverley 1418545953
Islamic Faith in America (Book: 2003) Dr. James Beverley 0785248978
Judah and the Judeans in the Persian Period (Chapter: 2006) Dr. John Kessler 157506104X
Love Matters: A counseling tool to assess couple relationships (Article: 2008) Dr. Vincent Poon
Luther As Spiritual Advisor: The Interface Of Theology And Piety In Luther's Devotional Writings (Book: 2007) Dr. Dennis Ngien 978-1842274613
Making sense of Christian faith: Understood, Challenged & Lived (Book: 1990) Dr. Victor Shepherd 1550110292
Making Sense of the Biblical Portrait: Toward an Interpretive Strategy of Proverbs 31:10-31 (Chapter: 2002) Dr. Barbara Leung Lai 1894667050
Marriage Preparation Manual (Book: 1999) Dr. David Sherbino
Mercy Immense and Free: Essays on Wesley and Wesleyan Theology (Book: 2010) Dr. Victor Shepherd 978-1894667982
Model for counseling people in relationships (Article: 2007) Dr. Vincent Poon
Model of counseling for family doctors (Article: 2007) Dr. Vincent Poon
Narratives and therapy (Article: 2007) Dr. Vincent Poon
Nelson Science and Technology Perspectives 7 (Book: 2008) Dr. Doug Hayhoe 9780176325152
Nelson Science and Technology Perspectives 8 (Book: 2009) Dr. Doug Hayhoe 978-0176355289
Nelson Science Perspectives 10 (Book: 2009) Dr. Doug Hayhoe 978-0176355289
Nelson's Illustrated Guide to Religions: A Comprehensive Introduction to the Religions of the World (Book: 2009) Dr. James Beverley 978-0785244912
New Interpreter's Bible Dictionary Volume 1: A-C (Article: 2006) Dr. John Kessler 0687054273
OBED (Article: 2009) Dr. Barbara Leung Lai
Oliver Cromwell: God's Warrior and the English Revolution (Book: 2011) Dr. Ian Gentles 033368897X
On earth as in heaven: Justice rooted in spirituality (Book: 2008) 978-1556357848
Our Evangelical Faith (Book: 2006) Dr. Victor Shepherd 1894667840
Paul's Way of Knowing: Story, Experience, and the Spirit (Book: 2008) Dr. Ian Scott 978-0801036095
Pentecostal and Postmodern Hermeneutics (Book: 2010) Dr. Bradley Noel 9781606089057
Politics of the Cross: The Theology and Social Ethics of John Howard Yoder (Book: 2001) Dr. Craig Carter 978-1587430107
Ponder and Pray (Book: 2000) Dr. Victor Shepherd 978-1894667036
Prophets, Prophecy and Prophetic Texts in Second Temple Judaism (Chapter: 2006) Dr. John Kessler 0567027805
Psalm 44 and the Function of Lament and Protest (Article: 2007) Dr. Barbara Leung Lai
Re:Connect: Spiritual Exercises to Develop Intimacy (Book: 2008) Dr. David Sherbino 9780978136611
Religions A to Z: A Guide to the 100 Most Influential Religious Movements (Book: 2005) Dr. James Beverley 978-1418505738
Rethinking Christ and Culture: A Post-Christendom Perspective (Book: 2007) Dr. Craig Carter 978-1587431593
Revelation and Human Artefact: The Inspiration of the Pentateuch in the Book of Aristeas (Article: 2010) Dr. Ian Scott 00472212
Revival in the City: The Impact of American Evangelists in Canada, 1884-1914 (Book: 2005) Dr. Eric Crouse 978-0773528987
Seasons of grace: Pathways from wilderness to wonder (Book: 2000) Dr. Victor Shepherd 978-1894667012
Sexuality and Politics: The Motif of the Displaced Husband in 1-2 Samuel (Article: 200) Dr. John Kessler
The New Model Army in England, Ireland and Wales, 1645-1653 (Book: 1992) Dr. Ian Gentles 0-631-15869-3
24 and Philosophy: The World According to Jack (Book: 2007) Dr. Richard Davis 1405171049
A Christian Perspective On Sex Therapy (Article: 2006) Dr. Vincent Poon
A Faith Worth Believing, Living, and Commending (Book: 2008) Dr. Dennis Ngien 978-1556356810
A Jewish Canon before 100 BCE: Israel's Law in the Book of Aristeas (Chapter: 2009) Dr. Ian Scott 0567584755
A Ministry Dearer Than Life: The Pastoral Legacy of John Calvin (Book: 2009) Dr. Victor Shepherd 1894667956