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Charismatic Gifts in the Early Church (Book: 1984) Dr. Ronald Kydd 978-0913573099
Healing Through the Centuries: Models for Understanding (Book: 1998) Dr. Ronald Kydd 978-0913573600
The Costly Loass of Lament and Protest: Toward a Biblical Theology of Lament and Protest (Psalm 44) (Chapter: 2014) Dr. Barbara M. Leung Lai 978-1-57383-497-1
Between the Lectern and the Pulpit: Essays in Honor of Victor A. Shepherd (Book: 2014) Dr. Dennis Ngien 978-1-57383-497-1
Voice and Ideology in Ecclesiastes: Reading 'Cross the Grains' (Chapter: 2013) Dr. Barbara M. Leung Lai 978-1-58983-924-3
Finding Pieces of the Puzzle: A Fresh Look at the Christian Story (Book: 2011) Dr. Ronald Kydd 978-1-60608-567-7
Total Otherness, Awe-Driven Self-Condemnation, and Atonement for Guilt: The Psychology of Religious Experience and Guilt in Isaiah 6 (Chapter: 2010) Dr. Barbara M. Leung Lai 978-1-60876-589-8
Word Becoming Flesh [On Appropriation]: Engaging Daniel as a Survival Manual (Chapter: 2012) Dr. Barbara M. Leung Lai 978-1-61970-009-3
Romanticism and Christianity (Article: 2011) Dr. Scott Masson 978-1405157629
Religions A to Z: A Guide to the 100 Most Influential Religious Movements (Book: 2005) Dr. James A. Beverley 978-1418505738
A Faith Worth Believing, Living, and Commending (Book: 2008) Dr. Dennis Ngien 978-1556356810
On earth as in heaven: Justice rooted in spirituality (Book: 2008) 978-1556357848
The Rhythm of God's Grace: Uncovering Morning and Evening Hours of Prayer (Book: 2003) 978-1557253255
The Suffering of God According to Martin Luther's 'Theologia Crucis' (Book: 2005) Dr. Dennis Ngien 978-1573833691
Politics of the Cross: The Theology and Social Ethics of John Howard Yoder (Book: 2001) Dr. Craig A. Carter 978-1587430107
Rethinking Christ and Culture: A Post-Christendom Perspective (Book: 2007) Dr. Craig A. Carter 978-1587431593
Gordon: Victorian Hero (Book: 2008) Dr. C. Brad Faught 978-1597971454
Jane Austen and the Arts: Elegance, Propriety, and Harmony (Book: 2013) Dr. Natasha Duquette 978-1611461374
Apologetic For Filioque In Medieval Theology (Book: 2004) Dr. Dennis Ngien 978-1842272763
Luther As Spiritual Advisor: The Interface Of Theology And Piety In Luther's Devotional Writings (Book: 2007) Dr. Dennis Ngien 978-1842274613
Gifted Response: The Triune God as the Causative Agency of Our Responsive Worship (Book: 2008) Dr. Dennis Ngien 978-1842276105
Sublimer Aspects: Interfaces between Literature, Aesthetics, and Theology (Book: 2007) Dr. Natasha Duquette 978-1847183361
Julia, a novel interspersed with poetical pieces (Book: 2009) Dr. Natasha Duquette 978-1851966622
Witnesses to the Word (Book: 2001) Dr. Victor A. Shepherd 978-1894667005
Seasons of grace: Pathways from wilderness to wonder (Book: 2000) Dr. Victor A. Shepherd 978-1894667012
Ponder and Pray (Book: 2000) Dr. Victor A. Shepherd 978-1894667036
Teach Me Your Paths: Studies in Old Testament Literature and Theology (Book: 2001) Dr. John Kessler 978-1894667050
Do You Love Me? And Other Questions Jesus Asks (Book: 2007) Dr. Victor A. Shepherd 978-1894667692
Mercy Immense and Free: Essays on Wesley and Wesleyan Theology (Book: 2010) Dr. Victor A. Shepherd 978-1894667982
Counterfeit Code: Responding to the Da Vinci Heresies (Book: 2005) Dr. James A. Beverley 978-1897213018
Implicit Epistemology in the Letters of Paul: Story, Experience and the Spirit (Book: 2006) Dr. Ian W. Scott 978-3161487798
Repeating the Act of the Infinite in the Finite: Theological Anthropology in Coleridge’s Opus Maximum (Chapter: 2006) Dr. Scott Masson 978-90-429-1787-3
The Book of Haggai: Prophecy and Society in Early Persian Yehud (Book: 2002) Dr. John Kessler 978-9004124813
Surprising Facts About Soils, Students and Teachers! A Survey of Educational Research and Resources (Chapter: 2013) Dr. Doug Hayhoe 978-94-007-5961-9
Nelson Science and Technology Perspectives 7 (Book: 2008) Dr. Doug Hayhoe 9780176325152
Addison Wesley Science & Technology Grade 4 (Book: 1999) Dr. Doug Hayhoe 9780201649826
Addison Wesley Science & Technology 5 (Book: 1999) Dr. Doug Hayhoe 9780201649857
Addison Wesley Science & Technology 6 (Book: 1999) Dr. Doug Hayhoe 9780201649918
The Use of the Son of Man Idiom in John (Chapter: 2011) Dr. Benjamin E. Reynolds 9780567521194
Going Global: A Congregation's Introduction to Mission Beyond Our Borders (Book: 2011) Dr. Gary V. Nelson 9780827212572
Complications: Abortion’s Impact on Women (Book: 2013) Dr. Ian Gentles 9780920453360
It’s Not That Simple: Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide Today (Book: 2015) Dr. Ian Gentles 9780920453377
Re:Connect: Spiritual Exercises to Develop Intimacy (Book: 2008) Dr. David Sherbino 9780978136611
Costs: Reduction, Analysis & Measurements (Book: 2007) 9780980922806
Division, Diversity, and Unity: A Theology of Ecclesial Charisms (Book: 2015) Dr. James E. Pedlar 9781433130052
Fruit for The Soul: Luther on the Lament Psalms (Book: 2015) Dr. Dennis Ngien 9781451485219
Pentecostalism, Secularism, and Post-Christendom (Book: 2015) Dr. Bradley Truman Noel 9781498229364
The Ordering of the Twelve as Israel's Historiography (Chapter: 2013) Dr. Grace Ko 9781575062570
Pentecostal and Postmodern Hermeneutics (Book: 2010) Dr. Bradley Truman Noel 9781606089057
Clive: Founder of British India (Book: 2013) Dr. C. Brad Faught 9781612341682