University College Major Sheets

Major sheets are used as a guide to help students complete their program requirements.

All students should follow the program outline from their entrance year.  If you are a transfer student or changed your program after you started, please consult the program sheet given to you by the Registrar's Office.

Changes to the BA core requirements apply to students entering in September 2014.  Current students should follow their existing program outline.

Attention Current Students! PHIL 101 and 102 are not offered after the 2013-2014 Academic Year.

  • If you have already taken PHIL 101 and 102:  You have completed your core Philosophy requirement and can ignore this change.
  • If you are missing PHIL 101 or 102 from your core:  Take an elective in its place.  You are not permitted to register for PHIL 171 Introduction to Philosophy.
  • If you are missing both PHIL 101 and 102:  Take PHIL 171 and an elective.
  • Philosophy Majors:  If you have not completed PHIL 101 and 102, take PHIL 171 and a PHIL 300 course (this upper level course will be completed after your first year). If you are missing PHIL 101 or 102, take a PHIL 300 course in its place.
2014-2015 Major Sheets


NEW STUDENTS 2015-2016 Major Sheets