Seminary Reference - Academic/Employer


Referee: Please complete this form. We appreciate your honest evaluation of the applicant and your assessment of the applicant's academic and ministry potential. Upon completion, please submit the form. All information will be treated in accordance to the terms of Tyndale's privacy policy, accessible at

Personal Knowledge Matrix

Please rate the applicant by selecting a value between one and four for each category below.

  • N/A - Unable to Observe, Tell
  • 1 - Below Average, Weak
  • 2 - Average
  • 3 - Good, Above Average
  • 4 - Excellent, Outstanding, Strong
Leadership ability or potential
Energy and perseverance
Ability to work collaboratively
Sense of purpose
Integrity, spiritual growth
Maturity and emotional stability
Speech and conduct consistent with applicant's Christian beliefs
Ability to express ideas in writing
Ability to communicate verbally
Critical thinking, problem solving skills
Overall intellectual ability
Anticipated achievement in seminary
Anticipated achievement in ministry

Please provide your contact information so that we may contact you with any questions we may have about this reference.