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The Chinese Ministry Program at Tyndale Seminary offers a comprehensive educational and mentorship program that is designed to educate and equip Christians to serve Chinese, among other multicultural, congregations in North America and beyond.


Come to Tyndale and draw on the strengths of our professors who are widely-recognized as experts in their fields. Through its scholarship and targeted cultural relevance, the future-oriented Pastoral and Chinese Ministry (PCM) program continues to distinguish itself as the longest-running ethnic-specific Master of Divinity (MDiv) Program in the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) in North America. Since its inception in 1988, over 170 students have graduated and are now serving in Kingdom ministries around the world. Through the PCM program, Tyndale Seminary has prepared leaders for the Chinese Church in North America and church leaders who provide an integrated and diverse leadership for the world.


Interact with peers from other cultures, ethnicities and denominations and be equipped to serve the world, locally and cross-culturally.


Experience holistic development and learn how to be effective in your ministry, locally and abroad. The program offers courses that integrate theologies and issues of the East and West; develop the students' cognitive knowledge and ministry skills; and apply theory to practice.


Benefit from a culturally-enriched educational experience. Currently, the Chinese Ministry Program partners with theological institutions in the East and West through faculty and student exchange. Future partnerships are being forged through co-sponsorship of courses and delivery via video-streaming.

Disclaimer: Unofficial Academic Information
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