Seminary Courses

The following is a list of courses offered by Tyndale Seminary. To view the course schedule for specific terms please visit the Registrar's website
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OLDT CM31 The Book of Genesis
An overview of the message of Genesis with special emphases on the creation account, the six...
OLDT CM32 Leviticus: The Secret of Walking with the Lord
This course helps the student to grasp the content of the book and see its...
OLDT CM33 Deuteronomy
Overview of the message of Deuteronomy with special emphasis on the review of wilderness wandering, the ten...
OLDT CM34 Ecclesiastes: A Search for the Ultimate
People search for the ultimate in pleasure, wealth, religion and justice. As he...
OLDT CM35 The Book of Ezekiel
This course gives an overview of the message of Ezekiel in light of the historical and literary...
OLDT I802 Old Testament Theology & History
Provides an overview of the Old Testament narrative, surveying key historical moments...
OLDT M503 Old Testament Theology and History
Designed to provide the student with a general introduction to the following: the...
OLDT M508 Old Testament Book Study
A detailed examination of a particular Old Testament book (e.g., Genesis, Jeremiah) or group of...
PAST 0541 The Theology and Practice of Ministry
Designed for individuals considering serving in a pastoral ministry. Through reading...
PAST 0546 Introduction to Worship and Liturgy
Provides a framework for thinking together about vital and faithful Christian worship...
PAST 0548 Leading through Conflict
same as LEAD 548.
PAST 0561 Emerging Movements in Postmodern Ministry
Helps students to understand and analyze recent cultural developments in North...
PAST 0570 Directed Reading and Research
Independent study with an instructor, involving tutorials and a research paper.
PAST 0598 Creativity and Change in Ministry
Same as YMIN 598.
PAST 0621 Urban Ministry
Same as MISS 061
PAST 0623 Renewing the Church for Mission
Same as MISS 623 and THEO 623.
PAST 0641 Introduction to Preaching
Presents a biblical understanding of the ministry of preaching. Combines principles of effective...
PAST 0643 Gender and Ministry
An opportunity for men and women to think through the theological basis, the historical practice, and...
PAST 0644 Building the Church Through Small Groups
Explores the basic principles for building and understanding the dynamics and...
PAST 0645 Evangelism and the Missional Church
A conceptual and practical examination of helping the local believer and church to...
PAST 0653 Pastoral Counselling in the Ethnic Church Context
Same as CHIN 605, COUN 687.
PAST 0669 Family Life Ministry
Same as COUN 669 and YMIN 669.
PAST 0670 Special Topics in Pastoral Ministry
Examination of specific topics in pastoral ministry.
PAST 0671 Special Topics in Pastoral Ministry
Examination of specific topics in pastoral ministry.
PAST 0693 Evangelism and Discipleship
Same as YMIN 693.