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Preaching and Communication Track

Cultural and Contextual Relevance

Society is shifting in dramatic ways, but the mandate to preach the Gospel to reach the lost and disciple the church remains the same. This program will help you access a fresh entry point to present God’s message in post-Christian Canada. Through in-depth contextual and cultural analysis, you will learn how to better identify and address the present needs of your congregation and community using persuasive sermons that are both relevant and practical.

Practice of Preaching

Be equipped with the skills needed to answer the question: How does my preaching work together with the Holy Spirit to bring Scripture to life and change lives? Continue to grow in your ability to deliver effective, life-changing preaching by deepening your exegetical and hermeneutical skills as you wrestle with the meaning and implications of Scripture. Experiment with various sermon forms and delivery styles that will help you engage with 21st century audiences. You will enhance your public speaking abilities, become familiar with new communication assessment tools and learn how to better evaluate your own preaching and offer constructive feedback to others.

Spiritual Growth and Discernment

The most effective preaching stems from the ministry of men and women committed to growing spiritually. We all possess unique gifts, life experiences and character traits that shape the way we communicate. Continue to cultivate your gifts through spiritual formation to better communicate God’s word. You will be challenged to pursue and commit to new rhythms that further your spiritual growth and deepen your relationship with God.

  Year A Residencies Year B Residencies Year C Residencies
Weeks May 23 - June 1, 2017 and
January 2-5, 2018*
May 22-31, 2018 and
Jan 7-11, 2019
May 21-30, 2019 and
Jan 6-10, 2020

Residencies are the 10 days that follow Victoria Day in May and the first full week of January.
*4-day residencies will include expanded class hours and some evenings.

Course Sequence

Year A: Theological and Personal Foundations

  • DMPC 0901: Participating in God’s Work: Preaching Foundations *
  • DMPC 0902: Sustaining the Preaching Life: Spiritual Well-Being *
  • DMPC 0911: Proclaiming Biblical Narratives **
  • DMPC 0941: Articulating the Journey: Preaching Identity (Portfolio Project 1) **

Year B: Contemporary Contexts

  • DMPC 0903: Communicating the Gospel in Post-­Christian Canada *
  • DMPC 0905: Exegeting the Congregation and Community: Research Methods *
  • DMPC 0912: Proclaiming the Parables **
  • DMPC 0942: Discerning the Setting: Preaching Context and Strategies (Portfolio Project 2) **

Year C: Effective Communication

  • DMPC 0904: Embodying the Gospel: Enhancing Communication Skills *
  • DMPC 0913: Proclaiming The Message of the Cross (or DMPC 0914) **
  • DMPC 0943: Making a Difference: Preaching Field Project (Portfolio Project 3)*
  • DMIN 0947: Integration: Research Portfolio and Hearing **

* includes summer residency
** includes winter residency

Dr. Kevin Livingston

Preaching & Communication Track Coordinator

Dr. Kevin Livingston
Associate Professor of Pastoral Ministry

 View Faculty Bio klivingston [at] tyndale [dot] ca |  416.226.6620 ext. 2207


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