Doctor of Ministry at Tyndale

DMin Program Overview

The Doctor of Ministry (DMin) is the highest professional degree for Christian leaders who are actively engaged in ministry in the church, Christian organizations, marketplace ministries and missions. Our DMin program enables participants to increase their ministry effectiveness, grow spiritually and professionally.

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Leadership Track

The leadership track provides an intentional and structured development process for Christian leaders to assess and explore personal dimensions of leadership. You will journey through the DMin program in a cohort and in smaller groups where you can receive peer-to-peer feedback. This in-ministry program will allow you to take a ministry project from concept to implementation within an action research framework.

The Leadership track is a 3-year program beginning in February with residencies in May/June and January each year (courses subject to change).

  Year One Residencies Year Two Residencies Year Three Residencies
May / June
(2 weeks)
Person of the Leader; Leadership and Action Research Leadership & Change; Adaptive Leadership Learning Organization; Developing Leaders
(1 week)
Missional Leadership; Project Design Seminar Cross-cultural Leadership; Project Implementation Seminar Leadership Issues; Project Reporting Seminar

Spiritual Formation Track             

The Spiritual Formation track equips pastors, Christian educators, spiritual directors, small group leaders, counsellors and others to nurture individual and corporate life with God, while furthering your own transformation. You will participate in retreat-styled residencies that include times of teaching, worship, communal meals and prayer. The program will expand and deepen your understanding and practice of Christian Formation by drawing upon insights from Biblical and systematic theology, psychology, church history and sociology.

The Spiritual Formation track is a 3-year program beginning in May with residencies in August and February each year (courses subject to change).

  Year One Residencies Year Two Residencies Year Three Residencies
(2 weeks)
Discernment for Spiritual Formation; Spirituality and Spiritual Formation Paths of Christian Spirituality: Spiritual Traditions/Mentors; Transformational Prayer Soul Care: Health and Spiritual Well-being; Spiritual Formation and the Bible
(1 week)
Spiritual Practices;
Spiritual Autobiography
Mentoring, Discipling, and Directing;
Formation Model from Spiritual Tradition
Formation through Community;
Ministry MicroProject