“Joseph and Mary” – with “Star Wars” – In the Chapel

Event Date(s): Thu, 2018/07/12 - 6:30pm to 9:30pm
Event Type: General

FREE Admission and Parking

Tyndale Seminary is pleased to announce the guest appearance of two-time Oscar winning Film Director, Roger Christian, on Thursday, July 12th. Free screening and dicussion at 6:30pm in the chapel.

Mr. Christian will be presenting his recent award-winning Feature Film, “Joseph and Mary”, starring Kevin Sorbo (TV’s “Hercules”). This film was shot in North Bay, and Mr. Christian will discuss the challenges of transforming this Northern Ontario setting into a realistic Biblical period Palestine, and his purposeful intent for rendering these famous New Testament parents accessible to a modern day audience.

“Joseph and Mary” is structured to elevate faith-significant themes, particularly the importance of forgiveness as a central attribute relevant to the ongoing dynamic of our individual faith journeys.

Subsequent to this discussion, Mr. Christian will provide storytelling insight into his Art Design collaboration on the legendary “Star Wars”. Just prior to his Tyndale visit, Roger is returning from Tunisia, where he will be re-creating sequences on the original locations featured in “Star Wars”…and he promises to bring along his own personal “lightsabre”!

This special Tyndale presentation is an extension of “Film & Faith: The Canadian Voice”, a Seminary summer course offered by Professor Paul Burford, himself an award-winning Film and Television Producer.

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