Barbara Leung Lai

Dr. Barbara Leung Lai

Research Professor of Old Testament

BTh, Alliance Bible Seminary, 1972
MDiv, Fuller Theological Seminary, 1976
ThM, Wycliffe College, University of Toronto, 1979
PhD, University of Sheffield, England, 1997

Areas of Specialization: Wisdom Literature, Apocalyptic Literature, Psychological Hermeneutic of Biblical Themes and Texts, Social Sciences and the Interpretation of the Hebrew Bible, Biblical Interpretation in Postmodern Times, Text and Reading, Gender-Culture Studies, methodological considerations towards the development of Appropriation/Relevance Theories, and Contextual Biblical Interpretation.

Methodologically located in the inter-disciplinary terrain of Social Sciences and Biblical Studies, she distinguishes herself in the advancement of psychological approaches to Biblical texts and themes.

Dr. Leung Lai came to Tyndale in 1997 after 20 years of teaching and equipping ministries in the East and West. She previously taught at Evangel Theological Seminary of Hong Kong (as a missionary with the Evangelical Free Church) and McMaster Divinity College. During her last two sabbatical leaves, she served as Visiting Scholar at Fuller (2003), Princeton (2004), and was a Senior Reader at Tyndale House (Cambridge, England, 2012).

Upon her retirement in July, 2017, she has been reappointed as Research Professor of Old Testament. While continuing her service as Scholar Associate of Wycliffe College, University of Toronto, she is on adjunct faculty at Carey Theological College in Vancouver. Dr. Leung Lai serves the broader academic community through adjunct teaching internationally.

Serving as co-chair of the Psychology and Biblical Studies Section at SBL, Dr. Leung Lai is a frequent presenter at scholarly and professional gatherings (SBL, ISBL, IBR, ATS functions and global consultations). She is the author of three academic monographs, and is completing a new book provisionally entitled Text and Praxis: Toward a Methodology of Appropriation. Dr. Leung Lai has published articles in peer-reviewed journals, chapters in academic books and festschrifts, articles in study Bibles, and dictionary entries. Other than teaching and scholarship, Dr. Leung Lai serves the church community and a sought-after consultant in the area of appropriating the Old Testament to the contemporary human and ecclesiastical contexts.

Faculty Publications

Title Type Year ISBN/ISSN
Glimpsing the Mystery: The Book of Daniel Book 2016 9781577997740
Father, Eternal and Unchanging Article 2015 0310422469
I-Voice, Emotion, and Selfhood in Nehemiah Article 2015
Isaiah 21:11-12 The Silent Question and Answer Article 2015 978-0-310-49453-9
The Costly Loass of Lament and Protest: Toward a Biblical Theology of Lament and Protest (Psalm 44) Chapter 2014 978-1-57383-497-1
"The Preacher and One’s Own 'Text-of-Life'" Chapter 2013 13:978-0-205-92573-5
Voice and Ideology in Ecclesiastes: Reading 'Cross the Grains' Chapter 2013 978-1-58983-924-3
Word Becoming Flesh [On Appropriation]: Engaging Daniel as a Survival Manual Chapter 2012 978-1-61970-009-3
Through the 'I'-Window: The Inner Life of Characters in the Hebrew Bible Book 2011 ISBN 978-1-909655-82-0
Total Otherness, Awe-Driven Self-Condemnation, and Atonement for Guilt: The Psychology of Religious Experience and Guilt in Isaiah 6 Chapter 2010 978-1-60876-589-8
What Would Bakhtin Say about Isaiah 21:1-12? A Re-reading Article 2010
OBED Article 2009
Aspirant Sage or Dysfunctional Seer? Cognitive Dissonance and Pastoral Vulnerability in the Profile of Daniel Article 2008 0031-2789 (Print) 573-6679 (Electronic)
Introduction to Daniel Article 2008
Psalm 44 and the Function of Lament and Protest Article 2007
Surely, All Are in Vain! Psalm 73 and Humanity Reaching out to God Chapter 2007 1906055181
Uncovering the Isaian Personality: Wishful Thinking or Viable Task? Chapter 2007 1906055181
Commentary on the Book of Proverbs Book 2005 962-208-622-5
Hearing God's Bitter Cries (Hosea 11:1-9): Reading, Emotive-Experiencing, Appropriation Article 2004
Invited book review of Chairman Mao Meets the Apostle Paul: Christianity, Communism, and the Hope for China Review 2003
Making Sense of the Biblical Portrait: Toward an Interpretive Strategy of Proverbs 31:10-31 Chapter 2002 1894667050
Student Diversity and Theological Education Article 2002

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