Seminary Orientation Confirmation

The New Student Orientation, hosted by the Department of Student Development, will be held on September 3 and 4 (identical sessions - you need to attend only one). All new students are required to attend orientation, as this will help you get your studies off to a strong start. 

Here are the schedules for both sessions:

September 3

10:30  Arrival    
11:00  Welcome and Worship
11:15 Presidential Welcome
11:25  Student Council Introductions 
11:35 Faculty Introductions 
12:00 Lunch Break and faculty advising
1:15 Student Development Introductions  
1:30  Registration   
1:45  The Writing Center  
2:00  The Library

September 4

4:30  Arrival   
5:00  Welcome and Worship
5:15 Presidential Welcome 
5:25  Student Council Introductions 
5:35 Faculty Introductions 
6:00 Dinner and faculty advising  
7:15 Student Development Introductions  
7:30  Registration 
7:45  The Writing Center
8:00  The Library


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