Submission and Assessment of Late Assignments Policy

1. Every assignment has a due date. Students are expected to submit assignments on or before the assigned due date.

2. Papers handed in after the due date will receive a one-third grade point deduction (i.e., B to B-) for each week (or part thereof) following the due date. This late policy will apply to all assignments for which no application for extension has been made.

3. In the event of extenuating circumstances, a student may request an extension without penalty from the Registrar's Office. Students must submit to the Registrar`s Office a completed copy of the Request for Extension due to Extreme Circumstances Form explaining the extenuating circumstance prior to the assigned due date. Reasons for which an extension may be granted must be significant, unusual or unpredictable circumstances.

  • Examples of acceptable reasons include: treatment by a physician, personal, vocational or family crisis.
  • Examples of unacceptable reasons include: broken printer or computer virus, behind on other assignments, cannot get to a library or buy a book, general busyness at work or ministry.

4. Due to the unique nature of the program those students who are granted an extension will be given opportunity to complete this work during the summer vacation (July). The Program Director, in consultation with the student, will determine a due date deemed appropriate to the circumstances. Any paper submitted late as a result of a "negotiated extension" will be marked without penalty.

5. No paper will be accepted after July 31st of the academic year in which the course was taken. Any course deemed "incomplete" as of July 31st will become a "failed" course and the student will be required to retake the course.

6. Students having two courses that are incomplete due to extensions granted will not be able to register for another course until those courses are completed.