Seminary Online Courses

Tyndale Seminary currently offers a wide selection of online courses, offered regularly on a rotational basis.

The Graduate Diploma in Christian Studies and Master of Theological Studies can be taken entirely online or as a combination of online and in-class courses.

If you are interested in a Master of Divinity degree, you can take up to 18 online courses for credit towards your degree—the equivalent of two full years of the program! For many, the option of taking a full year of classes without coming to Toronto is a huge benefit.

Spring/Summer 2014 Course Offerings

[BIBL 501W] Biblical Interpretation
[CHED 644W] Pastor as Teacher in the Local Church
[HIST 561W] History of Christianity I
[HIST 562W] History of Christianity II
[MISS 782W] Gospel, Church & Culture
[MISS 0585W] Perspectives on Global Mission
[OLDT 617W] Jeremiah
[PAST 546W] Introduction to Worship & Liturgy
[SPIR 615W] The Spirituality of Henri Nouwen
[SPIR 700W] Spiritual Formation

Complete List of Online Courses

Biblical Studies
[BIBL 501W] Biblical Interpretation
[OLDT 511W] Old Testament History and Theology
[NEWT 522W] New Testament History and Theology
[NEWT 321W] Elementary Greek I
[NEWT 322W] Elementary Greek II
[OLDT 520W] I & II Kings
[OLDT 524W] I & II Chronicles
[OLDT 0617W] Jeremiah
[NEWT 625W] Philippians
[NEWT 635W] Johannine Epistles
[NEWT 726W] Gospel of John
Christian Education and Formation
[CHED 552W] Learning to Teach and Teaching to Learn
Church History
[HIST 544W] Spiritual Classics
[HIST 561W] History of Christianity I
[HIST 562W] History of Christianity II
[THEO 531W] Systematic Theology I
[THEO 532W] Systematic Theology II
[LEAD 510W] Leadership Development
Global Mission and Intercultural Studies
[MISS 782W] Gospel, Church, and Culture
[MISS 585W] Perspectives on Global Mission
Pentecostal Studies
[PENT 501W] Introduction to Pentecostalism
[PENT 505W] Pentecostal Theology
Spiritual Formation

[SPIR 544W] Spiritual Classics
[SPIR 615W] The Spirituality of Henri Nouwen
[SPIR 700W] Spiritual Fomation

Youth & Family Ministry
[YMIN / PAST 693W] Evangelism and Discipleship

For all registration related matters, please contact:

The Registrar’s Office
Toll Free: 1.877.TYNDALE
Local Phone: 416.226.6620 x 6711
Fax: 416.226.4210

Current students are able to register online.

For prospective students who plan to take these online courses, please contact the Admissions Office.