CSD Practicum Students

Katherine Burgess.

I agree with St. Augustine that our hearts are restless until they rest in God. As a spiritual director, it is my mission to be with others as they seek this rest, being a companion, and helping others discern the voice of God in their lives. Spiritual direction has been a part of my life for many years, and I have benefited from working with gifted directors. I am a graduate of McGill and Presbyterian College in Montreal, as well as a full-time minister at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Québec City, I will be doing direction mostly through Skype or over the telephone.

Contact: burgesskath [at] mytyndale [dot] ca

Liz Chan

As I have traveled this journey of life with God, following Jesus through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, it has been an adventure filled with His love. Spiritual Direction is joining together with another person to see how God shows His love each day. It involves listening to the Holy Spirit, prayer, silence, Scripture and sharing. The circumstances of everyday life are the place where God speaks and transforms us into true Christ followers. This enables us to love the Lord our God, those He has put in our lives and ourselves as He has called us to. I have seen God work in places such as Burkina Faso, Morocco, Europe and Canada. I look forward to joining together with you in discovering the plan and purposes of God for you.

Contact: lizchan [dot] 2014 [at] gmail [dot] com

Felix Chow

I love the story in Luke 24, regarding the two disciples who experience a “spiritual direction” session with Jesus on the road to Emmaus. It was an interesting scenario, because both disciples actually didn’t know what was going on as Jesus appeared and the truth set them free. It is just like spiritual direction, the true spiritual director is the Holy Spirit indeed. The role of a spiritual director is to accompany the directee and provide support to hear and discern the will of God. Whenever we doubt like the disciples, it would be very helpful to have someone share with you in that journey. During my first spiritual direction in a retreat camp many years ago, I made a decision step out of my comfort zone and serve God. Then the amazing journey began. After graduating from Asbury Theological Seminary I now serve as a pastor. I am so eager to discern the will of God with you

Contact: wkchowfelix [at] yahoo [dot] com

Greg Drummond

When Jesus called people to himself he would often use the phrase "follow me". The Christian life is more than an ascent to particular beliefs and a set of moral rituals—it is a way of living that permeates every aspect of our being. As a spiritual director I want to be a guide for people who wish to go deeper in their life with God. I want to help people see God in the ordinary moments of life, find his rest in stress and busyness, listen to him through Scripture and prayer, respond to his forgiveness under the weight of sin, and celebrate new growth and maturity as they are transformed into the image of Christ. I live in Toronto with my wife and two sons. I have spent 8 years as a pastor in both the USA and Canada. I have a BA in Pastoral Ministry and am currently completing my MDiv in Spiritual Formation.

Contact: gregrld [at] gmail [dot] com or (416) 250-6188

Robyn Elliott

I have a passion for accompanying others on their spiritual pilgrimage and particularly as they seek to journey into the deepest regions of their heart, opening themselves up to the healing, guiding, nurturing work of the Spirit in the wholeness of life. Rooted in a Baptist faith tradition, I have a deep appreciation for the word of God but also draw from the earthy spirituality of the Celtic tradition and the contemplative heritage of the desert fathers and mothers. I am completing my Masters of Divinity in Pastoral Leadership and Spiritual Formation and live in Caledon with my husband and three grown children.

Contact: robynelliott [at] sympatico [dot] ca or (416) 801-9339

Chris Kam

The journey of detecting, curiously responding, and following God’s signature invitations to go deeper with him began for me when I travelled through some very dark spiritual valleys as a missionary with Campus for Christ in East Asia years ago. Since then, my journey has been enriched through exploring the diverse treasure chests of devotional literature of Christians on a similar journey as mine throughout the ages of the Church. Reading, learning, and open-endedly practicing from the wisdom of medieval Catholic mystics, Ignatian spirituality, Charismatic spirituality, Eastern Orthodox spiritual disciplines, and some forms of contemporary Protestant spirituality have enriched my own journey and allowed me to understand the personal flexibility, open-endedness, necessary theological guardrails, and spiritual wisdom passed on throughout the ages that can assist like-minded journeyers from all walks of life. I desire to be a co-journeyer with fellow pilgrims to help them detect, respond, and follow the personalized and unique invitations given to them by God to go deeper with him.

Contact: gumgoKganguo [at] gmail [dot] com

Mirella Lam-Hang

Life is a spiritual journey for me as I continue to discover more of the Living God who always delights in revealing Himself to us and yearns for an intimate relationship with us. As I obey God and follow His leading, I have seen how He touches and transforms people’s lives at the workplace, in my community, and wherever I am serving Him. I have completed my MDiv program at Tyndale and am looking forward to walking alongside directees, to help them discern His voice, develop a deeper relationship with Him, and to encourage them to follow Him. All of this is through the help of the Holy Spirit, the true Spiritual Director. I have worked with youth, families, and women in my ministry.

Contact: mirella [dot] lam [at] gmail [dot] com

Judi Rees-Mantle

For as long as I can remember I have had a deep desire to love and know God. I set out to learn as much as I possibly could about Scripture and Theology. Yet, through difficult life circumstances, all the “head knowledge” I had gained about God did not sustain me during my time of deepest need. I still longed for a deeper relationship with Him. As I was introduced to spiritual disciplines I began to experience the real presence of God and to know His voice. As a spiritual director my desire is to partner with you in your journey to deepen your own heart knowledge of God, to experience His presence, and to know His voice.

Contact: jreesmantle [at] msn [dot] com

Ingrid Reichard

My path to training in Spiritual Direction came via my Bible teaching and Pastoral ministry experience and a desire to see people live free as they go deeper with Christ. I came to faith in the Lord Jesus as an adult, through dramatic circumstances. I was called to faith in the midst of a fast moving career in the high-tech world. I have an MTS from Heritage Seminary and am currently working on my MA in OT Biblical Studies at McMaster as well as on the Spiritual Direction certification at Tyndale. I have extensive international bible teaching experience and currently serve as the Sr. Pastor of The Dwelling Place MB Church in Kitchener (since 2008). My faith is firmly rooted in the Scriptures and I delight in teaching people the beauty, simplicity and practicality of God’s word. My passion is to see God’s people live free, in peace and filled with joy and zest for life.

Contact: reichard [at] golden [dot] net or (519) 841-3935

Sarah Rutledge

Knowing and loving God is our first and foremost commandment. Spiritual direction helps us gain a better grasp of that pursuit and the mysterious ways in which God communicates with us. We worship a God who speaks, a God who is eternally present and always walks beside us. I believe that our relationship with God is the most exciting and rewarding one that we can invest in. I did my B.A. at Ambrose University College in Calgary AB, with a concentration in Christian Spirituality. I have great respect for the writings of the Catholic saints and love exploring what it means to have an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. I am passionate about sharing creative ways to connect with God through meditative exercises and lectio divina. I invite you to come and learn more about listening to the still small voice of God.

Contact: sarahvrutledge [at] gmail [dot] com

Sharon Tam

My heart is to love God passionately and to serve people whole-heartedly. I enjoy people and offer to be a spiritual director to those desiring to journey with me this year. I am an eclectic Christ-follower—shaped by Contemplative, Holiness, Charismatic, Social Justice, Evangelical, and Incarnational traditions. My ministry experience ranges from teaching high school math in the Philippines; pastoring the English ministry in Chinese Churches; leading multi-cultural, multi-generational, and multi-traditional churches; to currently being an itinerant preacher in the Greater Toronto Area. I obtained a M.Div. from Canadian Theological Seminary (now Ambrose Seminary) and a D.Min. from Fuller Theological Seminary. Rather than someone with all the answers, I am comfortable with mystery, paradox, and the messy realities of faith. Spiritual Direction provides sacred space to discover greater intimacy with the Triune God with the goal being the ever-increasing capacity to live spiritually from the heart.

Contact: sharonltam [at] gmail [dot] com

Adela Wong

The daily event is the unfolding God’s love and purpose for His chosen people. Let’s journey together, listen and embrace His divine plan. I am from Hong Kong. I am a Tyndale graduate in MTS (Modular Program) 2003. Currently, I serve as a deaconess in the prayer ministry and my vocation is an immigration consultant. I speak English and Cantonese.

Contact: yimwong2013 [at] gmail [dot] com

Paddy Wong

My passion is to walk with individuals who seek to experience God in a deeper and a more holistic way. Spiritual Direction serves as a journey that enables a pilgrim to become more spiritually sensitive to discern the voice of the Holy Spirit, as well as God's message in our lives through the companionship of a spiritual director. I am a nature lover. I often focus on using the sacred words of God as a mean for meditation and holy reading through silence and solitude. As a Tyndale M.Div Graduate in Counseling, I have served as a pastor for 14 years. I am a Certified Life Coach, a lecturer in Small Group Leadership Training, and help churches lead Spiritual Formation Retreats. This year I am working toward certification as a spiritual director.

Contact: glorybluelight [at] gmail [dot] com (416)-627-2487

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