Audio-based DRR courses

Tyndale offers audio-based DRR courses by Tyndale professor Dr. Victor Shepherd. Students may enroll in a maximum of three audio-based DRR courses as part of their total program.


Policies for all DRR Courses

1. Students may apply to take a DRR course in a particular area of study not addressed by regular course offerings.

2. DRR courses normally may not be taken as a substitute for an on-site classroom course offered in the same academic year.

3. Students will be eligible for a DRR course after they have completed at least 15 semester hours of regular course work and demonstrated ability to do independent research and writing.

4. Normal prerequisites apply to all DRR courses. The student will have completed the prerequisites in the given curricular area with at least a 3.0 (B) average in those courses.

5. DRR courses are not normally open to occasional students.


Audio-Based DRR with Dr. Victor Shepherd

Dr. Victor Shepherd offers the following audio-based DRR courses:

THEO 0536D (3) Historical Theology – Same as THEO 536. View Syllabus

THEO 0539D (3) Philosophy for Understanding Theology – Same as THEO 539. Prerequisite: THEO 531, 532. View Syllabus

THEO 0633D (3) Theology of John Wesley -- Examines major aspects of the theology of Wesley himself as expounded chiefly in his sermons. Theological, ecclesiastical, social and intellectual environments are probed, as well as developments in post-Wesley Wesleyanism. Same as HIST 762 and THEO 633. Prerequisite: THEO 531, 532. View Syllabus

THEO 0634D (3) Theology of Martin Luther -- Examines the key works of Luther as well as major themes in the Wittenberger’s theology (e.g. the rightiousness of God, the theology of the cross). To be investigated as well are the backgrounds of late medieval scholasticism and different controversies in which Luther was immersed (e.g. Eucharistic disputes, the peasants revolt and theological differences with the Anabaptists).  Prerequisite: THEO 0531, 0532. With permission, offered as audio-based Directed Reading and Research (DRR) course. 

THEO 0636D (3) Theology of John Calvin -- Examines closely Calvin’s Institues of the Christian Religion. Topics such as the knowledge of God, Trinity, Scriptures, providence, the three-fold office of Christ, justification, faith sanctification, predestination, church, sacraments, the Chrisitna life are addressed. 

THEO 0646D (3) Theology of the Human Person – Same as THEO 646. View Syllabus